Skin Care Strategies

Saving Face:
Those Skin Care Strategies You Must NOT Do. . .


Let's be perfectly honest, we've all gotten carried away or occasionally gone astray employing skin care strategies in our feverish efforts to achieve younger, softer, smoother and more beautiful skin.

Many times, with less than desirable results!

Am I right?

And in some case, with rather ugly and catastrophic consequences.

We then have to pull out all the tricks of the trade and go to great lengths to hide or camouflage our impulsive lack of judgement..

Of course, enthusiasm can get the best of all us at one time or another.

But sometimes that brilliant idea can back fire in a blink of an eye.

Learning to avoid disaster when addressing those more troublesome issues is a matter of knowing when to. . .

STOP. . .

and make ourselves put the treatment down and slowly back away to prevent further disaster.

Shorten that learning curve by becoming familiar with the myriad of pitfalls to avoid at all costs before embarking on implementing those questionable skin care strategies.

For example, you thought it would be nice to take a quick little facial for yourself. . .

Thought it made sense just to stick your face over that huge pot of boiling pasta water for a quick steam?

Surprised that your skin has turned bright red all over and is just a bit tender?

A steam burn can take quite a while to heal and boy does it HURT!

As a general rule. . .

Don't pick at that blemish, bump, or spot- for any reason, at all, at any time.
The outcome is rarely good.

What started out to be just a little squeeze of that blossoming blemish suddenly turned into a major excavation project, leaving a crater bigger than the State of Texas.

If you've been known to get a bit out of control, one word of advice, Bacitracin.

It doesn't seem to matter that you know that diving in and digging into those blemishes can actually create a huge mess, possible scarring, not to mention many long days of healing. It is simply irresistible to some and they simply can't stop once they start.

Train yourself, despite the enormous restraint it might require, to gently squeeze then leave it alone!

While we're on the topic of blemishes, for goodness sake skin care strategies never include sticking a pin into a blemish. Put that needle down as once!


Just turn around, walk away and don't even think of it.
No good will come of it as you well know.

Isn't more better? Chant to yourself that more is not necessarily better in skin care. . .

Slathering large dollops of skin care products several times a day will only clog your pores and can eventually create more harm than good. As a matter of fact, some will actually cause skin irritation if not used according to the instructions.

Isn't more better?

Beginning Chanting to yourself right now. . .
"more is not necessarily better in skin care"

Slathering large dollops of skin care products several times a day will only clog your pores and can eventually create more harm than good.

As a matter of fact, some of the more powerful anti-aging skin care treatments can actually cause skin irritation if not used according to the instructions.

Typically, an small amount the size of a few peas is usually more than sufficient.

Okay, it's more than possible that one of your grandmother's skin care strategies might have been to shave her chin and her dark mustache.
(Mine sure did!)

But it is important to correlate that strategy with the fact that she now has both a beard and moustache with dark, stubborn stubble to contend with.

Thought using that bleaching cream several times a day would speed up the process to lighten-up those age spots?

Oops, maybe not as your skin turns a bright, angry red and starts peeling off in sheets.

Did you know that if you are in the process of whitening your teeth that you should avoid red wine, grape juice, and coffee at all costs?

If you don't that sad result is that you are going to turn your teeth a lovely shade of grey and showing everyone a very dingy smile.

Got carried away with your plucking again didn't you?
Now your eyebrows look like Snidely Whiplash's mustache.

Have you encountered those microdermabrasion face cloths yet?
Well, beware and use extreme caution!

They really work; as a matter of fact they really work quite well.
If you are tempted to exceed the recommendations that are enclosed with these wash cloths, do so at your own peril because you can literally scrub the skin raw; as in bright red, very sore RAW!

Ah, then there is the wonderful art of waxing. . .

Learning to achieve the delicate balance of the optimum wax heat and hair ripping techniques during the time honor practice of self-removing upper lip and chin hair is a feat that many have a difficult time mastering.

Did you know that professional intervention is quite reasonable and can be the difference between red, raw, burnt, and bruised skin and a nice smooth, polished outcome?

For the most part, using common sense and learning just a few face saving skin care strategies will see you well on your way to better, crater free, looking skin.


If you have found that you have gotten a bit over zealous with your DIY home spa treatments don't try to fix-it yourself!  

Seek professional intervention!  


There are many different type of skin care specialists that work wonders.  

SPAFinder has a great resource directory so you can find the best professional near you to help you address your issue.

SpaFinder Gift Card

Not to mention that we all deserve a nice, luxurious treat every now and then!
Don't we?

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