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The Best Skin Care Regimens
How Facial Massage Rejuvenates Your Skin

How can you boost your skin care regimens?

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Picture yourself on an island.

Sunshine, perfect warmth, palms waving ever-so-slightly in a nice breeze, the light scent of tropical flowers, the sound of waves crashing on the sand and yourself, lying on a massage table while an expert masseuse works out the cares of the world that have built up in your muscles over time.

Who wouldn't love a massage like that every now and then?

Many of us associate massage with pure leisure, luxury and relaxation.

But it's so much more than that!

Massage has many benefits for the entire body:
  • the alleviation of anxiety
  • improved circulation
  • tissue regeneration
  • reduced inflammation
  • enhanced immunity
And that's just to name a few benefits!

Massage has also been shown to improve muscle tone. This is true for the face as well as the body.

Facial massage can greatly improve the signs of aging.

Facial Massage Techniques The best skin care regimens include a self facial massage which can be easily incorporated into a regular skin care routine and takes just minutes a day.

Here's how:

While cleansing the skin and/or applying a moisturizer the following manipulations can be used to boost the benefits of normal skin care regimens.

Skin Beauty Tip: Use an anti-aging product with skin-firming or anti-aging qualities such as alpha-hydroxy acids, Coenzyme Q10, or Vitamin E

The facial massage techniques should be done using light to moderate pressure and the complete set should be done consecutively about three times each day.

The skin near the eyes is particularly delicate, so light pressure should always be used there. A good idea is to use the ring fingers around the eyes since these fingers tend to have less strength than the fore and middle fingers.

Begin the facial massage with the forehead. . .
  • Apply an anti-aging product with fingertips in upward circular motions on the entire surface of the face.
  • Continue with long upward strokes the entire length of the forehead.
  • Move on around the eyebrows and around the lower eyes, starting at the inner corners and working outwards and upwards.
  • Progress from the outward corners of the eyes lightly down the jaw line in long strokes all the way to the chin.
  • Work the entire area of each cheek with upward, circular motions.
  • When entire cheek area has been covered, lightly move down the jaw line once more in long strokes to the chin.
  • This time focusing on the jaw line, use a slight pinching motion the entire length of the jaw on each side.
  • Move lightly to the decollete and using upward, sweeping strokes work the entire neck.
As I mentioned above, best skin care regimens use these manipulations daily while cleansing the face and/or applying moisturizer.
This easy do-it-yourself skin beauty tip is a great, no-cost addition to daily skin care regimens.  Facial massage takes just a few extra moments a day, but the advantages are far-reaching; especially over time.

Hope You Like It!

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