Placenta Skin Care Facial Rejuvenation

by Kate
(Xian, Shanxii, China)

Scientific Results for Placenta Skin Care Facial Rejuvenation

Scientific Results for Placenta Skin Care Facial Rejuvenation

Scientific Results for Placenta Skin Care Facial Rejuvenation demonstrate younger, healthier skin.

Why do actresses always look so young and beautiful despite their age?

And actors always so handsome and energetic?

It turns out that most of them have received a kind of secret and heath anti-aging treatment. . .

This kind of mysterious treatment is called "The only miraculous medicine of becoming young for human beings". . . the placenta-therapy.

The treatment is also called the embryo cell activating transplantation, which has been sweeping over the developed countries such as Europe, America and Japanese for the past 22 years.

In 1912 the Swiss scientist, Professor Karl, found mysterious substance in the embryo cell of the sheep, can make cells restore their vitality.

According to the biologist, the number of cell divisions are directly proportional to the length of life. For example, the number of dolphin cell division is eighty times and its average life can reach one hundred fifty years old.

The reason people grow old is that cells decay as you age. Along with growing old, the division of cell regeneration slows down and the accumulative of aging cells to make organs function declines. As this happens the aging process speeds up and disease occurs.

The active substance, which was found by the Professor in the sheep embryo, can increase the number of cell divisions, forcing the decline or slowing of aging cells. As a result, the function of decaying organs restore their vitality.

Professor Karl won the Nobel Prize. This substance is what is called Placenta.

So how does "young" and "beauty" relate to "sheep"?

Many may think that the only thing that sheep relate to "beauty" is the soft and warm cashmere sweater and lanoline oil which protect skin from chapping. But with all kinds of placenta skin care products available now, anyone can restore and hat they can keep their skin beautiful.


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Placenta Collagen Question
by: Elissa

They have placenta protein in any large beauty supply store and it is relatively cheap.

What I am curious about is:
Ingredients must be listed most(usually water) to least(usually color).

I found a jar of collagen and the second ingredient listed was collagen. Can this be so?

The active ingredient in my Collagen moisture filler(day) is Ensuizole 1.8% and Octinoxate 7.49%. This actually said 'Collagen'.

I would like to try this product but it seems I can't until I find out if this 'collagen' is....the real thing or what.

Anybody with any information on this? Thank you.

Placenta Stem Cells: Vegetal, Animal or Human Donor
by: Anonymous

Hi G.,

To determine the origin of the stem cells either review the ingredient label which (might) identify the source and type of placenta stem cells: human donor, animal, or vegetal placenta (referred to as VP)- the plant version of stem cells.

Though typically I will Google the product and company to read exactly where the source of the placenta originates.


Determining the Origin of the Placenta Stem Cells
by: G.

Because of ethical concerns over embryonic stem cell being used in cosmetics, how do I recognize a product that contains plant stem cells vs. embryonic stem cells.

Placenta Skin Rejuvenation
by: Anonymous

I found this article to be very helpful...
Thank you

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