Organic Skin Care Treatments

by Cindi
(Long Beach, CA.)

Making Organic Skin Care Treatments

Making Organic Skin Care Treatments

I'm wanting to switch over to organic skin care treatments, and I'd like to try and make my own.

Does anyone know the name of a good book, or website that has this information?

I've done some searching and found a couple with a few recipes for homemade stuff, but there doesn't seem to be an abundance of information or choices. I'd like to be able to learn which are the best ingredients to use when making a skin care recipe.

Any information would be appreciated.

Also, is anyone already making their own organic skin care treatments?

If so, how do you like it?

Thanks, can't wait to hear back!

Sue's Note:

Hi Cindi,

Psst. . .
Did you know that the Skin Care Resource Center has an entire section dedicated to natural skin care and organic skin care recipes? We hope that you will find it educational and a good resource to help you get started.

I happen to be a HUGE fan of making my own organic skin care treatments. I also happen to be quite a geek about researching the rejuvenating properties of all natural ingredients. I personally find it fascinating! Plus, it really is a whole lot of fun. (Not to mention the savings and the great results!)
Here's the link: Natural Skin Care Recipes.

It is a very popular topic with visitors to this website along with the exciting new recipe ebook ~ Naturally Skinsational!

We hope you will find it as valuable as resource as our other visitors have found it to be.

The focus of the recipes in the book are based upon making your own natural skin care treatments using organic ingredients and herbs readily found right in your own kitchen that promote facial rejuvenation.

We hope you will enjoy whipping up your own batches of quick and easy facial treatments!

Let us know what you think. . .

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Making Organic Skin Care Treatments
by: Faye

I love making my own organic skin care treatments and I can't recommend a natural approach to caring for your skin enough. I find making my own skin care treatments quick, easy and very effective.

There are a ton of great resources to help you get started. Try your local library first. Look for natural skin care books along with holistic medicine information.

I take a holistic, natural approach to caring for my skin and these types of books will give you a good background about the attributes of herbs and natural treatments.

I can also enthusiastically recommend the "Naturally Skinsational" ebook that you can get on this site. All the recipes are tailored to aging skin. I am really enjoying testing out the recipes. (It is also full of great skin care tips and information on natural skin care.)

I can quite honestly say that my skin looks great. I get compliments all the time and people are always amazed that I use nothing other than homemade skin care recipes!

Have Fun!


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