Obagi Skin Care System

the nu-derm obagi blender medical facial rejuvenation method

The Obagi skin care system is a complete medical facial rejuvenation method that addresses a range of aging skin symptoms.


Just how effective are the Nu-Derm Obagi Blender treatments? 

In a word. . .


Once available only by prescription or through a medical cosmetic spa, many Obagi products are now readily available over-the-counter.

This is a powerful and very comprehensive facial rejuvenation system that includes potent clinically proven active anti-aging ingredients in formulation of each product.

Kate, a regular visitor to the site, submitted her product review of the Obagi medical skin care system:

Katie is in her mid-40's and reports that the Obagi skin care system transformed her skin that was prematurely showing significant signs of aging.

She has used the Obagi system religiously for the past several years with great results.

Katie realized that as she approached her fortieth birthday that she really needed to be using better skin care products on a daily basis.

She now uses the Obagi Facial Rejuvenation System and has never looked back!

Katie explains that she had become very frustrated with the expensive department store brands because they were costly, never listed the active anti-aging ingredients that were advertised to miraculously cure every aging skin issue and as she expected, those products turned out not to be worth the cost.

 After visiting a dermatologist with a variety of skin care concerns, the Obagi skin care system was recommended as the best course of treatment for Katie's aging skin issues.

 People now frequently compliment Katie on how good her skin looks which she attributes to her reliance on the Obagi skin care products; primarily using the:

Obagi-C Fx Rejuvenation System

 She starts her skin care regimen in the morning using the System C-Cleansing Gel then applies the System C-Exfoliating Day Lotion with SPF 12.

Before bed Katie uses the System C-Therapy Night Cream along with the eye cream.

Katie recommends beginning using the Obagi system with one of their starter kits.

The starter or travel kits includes everything you'll need designed especially for your specific skin type.

And when the award winning Obagi Blue Peel Professional kit became available for home use, she was ecstatic!


Katie reports that it's simply the best peel she has ever had (even compared to the few professional spa peels she has had).  Needless to say she loves the spectacular results!

She does caution that the percentage of active anti-aging ingredients in Obagi products is quite strong, so start using the treatments gradually so your skin has an opportunity to build up a tolerance. Your skin will respond my better to the treatments and you will avoid any unpleasant reactions. 

Katie ends her review by saying,
"You will only have great results to look forward to!"

Dr. Obagi's focus is on overall skin health and treatments that support aging skin renewal.

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