No No Hair Remover Device

all the down and dirty details. . .

I had absolutely NO idea just how many DIY hair-remover devices actually existed, from the very simple to the rather extravagant (and, frankly, scary futuristic, intimidating metal monsters) at home machines.

No No hair remover device

After reading a gazillion reviews, I settled on giving the No!No! laser device a whirl.

I gave it a good 2 months of diligent use of the No No hair remover device, before preparing this a series of brutally honest reviews of how the No!No! laser performs removing hair on each region of the body.

And believe me, I tested this particular laser hair remover relentlessly because in all honesty, I really, really wanted it to work!

For a general overview of this DIY device, I also prepared this review as well:
DIY Laser Hair Removal at Home

here's what you need to know if the effort of DIY laser hair removal at home is worth it. . .

I prepared this Quick Reference Guide on the No!No! hair remover devises' effectiveness- based on my experience over a two-month period of time, on every specific body region for you:

  • Eyebrows: Not effective due to the uneven surface of the region and the lack of precision of the No!No! device

  • Upper Lip: Somewhat effective, but performance is inconsistent due to an uneven surface

  • Sideburns: Effective if hair is not thick or coarse

  • Chin: Not effective due to the uneven surface of the region

  • Underarms: Not effective due to the uneven surface of the region

  • Forearms: Effective, but time-consuming and removal of all hair takes weeks. This area will also require shaving in between treatments to maintain a smooth appearance.

  • Bikini Line: Somewhat effective, but VERY time consuming due to the curvy nature of the area. Effects are also limited due to the coarseness of the hair and the flexibility required to reach all areas. This area will also require shaving in between treatments to maintain a smooth appearance.

  • Legs: Possibly effective, but the time required for treatment was too excessive to undertake (It would have taken me a minimum of 2 hours to treat both legs. The manufacturer recommends multiple treatments per week, and I simply don't have that kind of time!)

  • Tops of Feet: Somewhat effective, but the uneven surface makes the results in consistent and the treatment process difficult.

my conclusion on the No No hair remover. . .

laser hair removal at home would be a viable option for those that have oodles and oodles of time

But, in all fairness, I thought I'd also share other rather interesting hair removal reviews for laser hair removal at home.  Dr. Oz discusses laser hair removal and answers viewer questions on whether it is a safe beauty practice:

If you are still curious about the No No hair remover, by all means, give it a try yourself.  At least the company has an excellent guarantee and return policy!

Author and Brutally Honest Hands-On Product Reviewer:

Leah C., RN, guest writer and experimenter with any spa devise or beauty product that promises to help make the maintenance of a healthy and well-groomed appearance quicker, easier and, above all, cost efficient.

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