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New Skin Laser for DIY Facial Rejuvenation

by Rosie

New Skin Laser for DIY Facial Rejuvenation

New Skin Laser for DIY Facial Rejuvenation

There is a new skin laser that now features a multi-wavelength to accomplish a greater range of rejuvenation. I just love that the market for DIY facial rejuvenation treatments is expanding.

Actually, I'm hoping that someday there will be safe medical versions of not only DIY skin laser treatments but a robust microdermabrasion home model that is every bit as effective as the professional models!

Wouldn't that be great?

Just think of the savings!

Of course the cosmetic surgeons won't be too happy but they have already made us all over pay so much that I'm ready for an entire spa set-up right in my home. I'm glad that the FDA has been approving so many different at home facial rejuvenation devises.

It's so much cheaper! And it is a whole lot easier to stay ahead of aging skin symptoms too because you can treat your skin much more frequently without spending scads of dollars. . .

Anyways, back to the new skin laser that I have been trying out. It was introduced by Scientia as a revolutionary low level laser skin therapy that effectively rejuvenates aging skin by stimulating collagen production among a host of other things.

It features multi-wavelengths that work to not only reduce fine lines and wrinkles but clear away age spots as well as firms sagging skin by restoring elasticity.

In a word, it's wonderful!

I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up that there is now a new option on the market for those of you who like the DIY approach to skin rejuvenation.


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Try the ANSR Laser
by: Rosie

Try the new ANSR facial laser!

It's much cheaper than ony of the other options available and it has both the red wavelength to rejuvenate skin and the blue wavelength spectrum to treat acne all in one devise at a fraction of the cost of any other laser.

I am loving it!


Quick Note from Sue:
Thanks Rosie! I just finished writing a review on the ANSR facial laser here:
The ANSR Professional Skin Care Product for DIY Home Facial Laser

Skin Lasers for DIY Facial Rejuvenation
by: Sue

Hi Darlene,

How frustrating not to be able to order certain items because you happen to live in Canada. I do know that the spa facial devises reviewed on this site, including the Scientia Skin Laser, are all available in the USA.

I wasn't aware that there were restrictions on orders from Canada so I don't know how to help you there.

If you have friends or family that live in the US, perhaps they could place an order for you. All the spa devises are listed here:
Spa Skin Care Treatments

And the new Evis Facial Laser is available here:
Evis Beauty MD Antiaging Laser

I know it isn't the answer you were hoping for but I hope that helps. . .


DIY Beauty Gadgets for Canadians
by: darlene


Is the SCIENTIA Laser device available for Canadians? All these DIY skin tightening devices appear to be available in England and other parts of Europe. The latter is extremely frustrating that we cannot, with some degree of ease, order one of these anti-aging devices within Canada or the States.

I'd love to get my hands on a DIY Tripollar facial device as an alternative. There is one now marketed, yet again, in Europe called, STOPtm for the face and, POSEtm for the body.

Do you see us being able to purchase these in North America soon?



The New DIY Scientia Skin Laser
by: Sue

Here is a link to this new DIY facial laser that Rosie is referring to:

Detailed information and video on the Scientia Skin Laser
Note: Click the graphic link at the top of the page

FYI: The Scientia Skin Laser is developed by the same skin rejuvenation company of the ever popular Derma Roller and we all know what a wonderfully easy and effective treatment that provides to aging skin.

The combination of these two spa skin care devices is absolutely fabulous!

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