Natural Cure for Sunburn

by Salon Spa Source
(St. Petersburg, Florida, USA)

Natural Cure for Sunburn

Natural Cure for Sunburn

Are you suffering from sunburn?

Try a natural cure for sunburn. . .

I have some home remedies for the sunburned skin. Try it, these will really work to cure your sunburn.

    1. Cut a large tomato in slices, lay on the sunburn and leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash off in a cool shower.

    2. If you are sunburned all over then separate an egg so the white and yolk are apart and apply the egg white on to the sunburn.

    It doesn't smell great but will help. When the skin starts to tighten wash off the egg white and re-apply. The egg white will put pure protein back into your skin so will heal twice as quick.

    3. Milk!

    Milk is the best natural cure for sunburn of them all. Just rub the milk on your skin. This will give a nice soothing feel to your skin and works to quickly cure sunburn.

    4. Aloe Vera is also a great natural cure for sunburn. Just rub the gel of Aloe Vera on the burned skin. This will cool the skin and heal the sunburn.

You can also use aloe vera before going out in the sun to help protect the skin.

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skincare NEW
by: mahbub

natural elements made product can easy your work because other elements must have some side effect to know more.

Preparation H works GREAT on sunburn!
by: Anonymous

I live at the beach and burn easily, especially early in the tanning season.

Just think about it...

Stops the burn of hemorrhoids doesn't it?

Take Heat Away from Sunburned Skin
by: Cowladu

1. Take a brown paper and soak it in cider vinegar until moist.

2. Lay wet paper on skin and it will draw the heat out.

3. Repeat often until the burn is cool.

It helps the burn feel much better and works very quickly.

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