My Anti-Aging Face Products and Skin Care Regimen

by Jasmin

My New Anti-Aging Face Products and Skin Care Regimen

My New Anti-Aging Face Products and Skin Care Regimen

Dear Sue,

I wanted to share with you my new anti-aging face products and skin care regimen. I have been reading your newsletter, blog and checking your website very carefully.

It is really hard to make decisions in this techno age with so much info. everywhere. I just want to let you know that after trying to work with aestheticians for over two years, I decided to go with your advice.

So I looked up the your recommendations for basic skin care routine and ordered some of the anti-aging face products for a basic skin care regimen. You made it easy by recommending a full package. So this is what ordered from the basic routine:

    1) Cleanser: ( I decided to stay with my cleanser until I finish it off. I have Obagi cleanser)

    2) Toner: I ordered the DDF glycolic acid 10 percent toner (I understand it's more than a toner because it is also an exfoliant)

    3) Moisturizer: I ordered the evening moisturizer : DermaE vit A retinol palmitate complex and for the morning I ordered DCL daily moisture spf 15.

I also took your tips and ordered the following:

    1) Micro pearl abrasion to use once or twice a week
    2) Reviva lab light skin peel bha to use once a week

I have dark circles under my eyes and also developing wrinkles (I am 51 years old) so I got an eye cream from Skin Medica which I have been using.

Just to let you know, everything including shipping and handling along with the eye cream cost me only a total of 102 dollars!

So what do you think?

I am excited as I have been spending good money on going to aestheticians. Wish me luck and need your continued guidance please.

I have another question. I just got botox done on my forehead but am really nervous about it. I don't think I want to continue.

Yup! I received the information about the OTC botox alternative in your last email. Do I use it on top of the moisturizer?

I also want to let you know that I have been using Obagi line for 2 to 3 years. Obagi doesn't use any moisturizer and that is giving me second thoughts. This is also a big reason that inam switching to your recommended
products. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much for your help,

Here's My Response:

Hi Yasmeen,

You made my day! What a wonderful email to read. I thnk you so much for sharing!

You are off to a GREAT start. The products you selected are very similar to what I have used for my basic routine for years. Except I use the Total Skin 10% glycolic gel after the morning toner of Avalon's Organics CoQ10. (At night I use the PCA Skin Nutrient Toner because it is one of the few products I could find that incudes spin trap- a "super antioxidant".)

As for the Botox, I haven't done that yet. (Perhaps some day.) It makes me a bit nervous too. However, my identical twin has had Botox frequently and it looks really good. But since she also gets it on the other corners of her eyes and above her lip she does look a bit "frozen". Smiling is an issue for her now. She kinda of looks like she is in pain when she smiles now. I think the trade-off when you use Botox is that you lose the ability to show natural expressions.

The alternative to Botox is a proven ingredient that slightly paralyzes the muscles so wrinkles diminish. What I have discovered it is similar to Botox in the respect that it is temporary.

So now I am using the Galvanic Spa along with the serums to see how much that will help. It works amazing on laugh lines and those sleep lines on the side of my face. It is slower to work on the forehead. After the galvanic treatment I use the spa devise to infuse a combination of HA and DMAE into the skin. So that will take some time to see what sort of results I get.

In regards to the Obagi, I used it for awhile but had to stop. It is way to strong for my skin type. I got all red and rashy from it. Expensive as it was, I gave it all to my neice who has an oily skin type and she loves it! Works wonders for her. . .

Thanks so much for sharing your routine with me. I'd love to hear how it goes for you so please stay in touch!

My Best,


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