Male Acne

by A Jones
(Qld Australia)

Treating Male Acne

Treating Male Acne

Acne is a condition that can affect both teenagers and adults. Acne does not discriminate between races and sex. Acne, including male acne, can be treated successfully.

A large percentage of individuals affected by acne are male, with a lower number of over the counter and prescription treatments for the condition being sought by men.

This can be largely due to embarrassment or miseducation on the subject of acne, with many males suffering from the condition on other parts of the body such as the back and the chest.

Acne on the chest is a common problem for men, and especially for adolescent boys. Often this problem can affect everyday activities and self-esteem, with sufferers often self-conscious and avoidant of taking their shirt off in public. Acne on the chest can also become very painful and if left untreated can result in serious skin damage, such as scarring.

Key Causes of Chest Acne

Sebaceous glands (oil glands) are larger and most numerous on the mid-back, chest and mid-section of the face. The biggest culprit of acne on the chest area is the Pilo sebaceous duct, or the hair shaft. Sebum from the oil glands flows up this hair shaft onto the top of the skin where it mixes with various other lipids and natural moisturizing factors that create the skin's acid mantle and micro flora.

Propionbacteriun ( P Acnes Bacteria) in the right environment is part of the body's normal flora and resides in and around the hair shaft. This converts the triglyceride oil into free fatty acids and it is these fatty acids that create the skin's pH acid mantle.

If the acid mantle is impaired in any way, the P Acnes Bacteria does not have its normal food source and starts to create problems in the hair shafts and the oil glands. This causes inflammation and infection, along with a fast cell turnover and an abnormality in the cell division.

The cells keratinize too early and stick to the walls of the hair shaft. This results in blockages ( micro-comedones) and becomes the perfect breeding ground for P Acnes Bacteria, which attaches to the bottom of this mass, becomes inflamed and forms into a cyst or pimple.

This abnormality in skin functioning results in inflammation and infection and in the case of male acne on the chest (which occurs in the hair shaft) the condition develops into painful and embarrassing acne pustules and blackheads.

Even though the acne is affecting a different part of the body, the cause and the cure are the same with an acne skin care program recommended to control and eliminate the condition.

Treatment programs such as the SensiClear System are particularly effective due to the presence of the ingredient Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid forms the basis of the range, a naturally occurring plant sugar derived ingredient.

The salicylic acid works against male acne by causing cells to slough off the skin easily, preventing pores from clogging, a major contributor to acne, and allowing room for fresh, new skin growth.

Acne on the chest is a common concern for many men and can have numerous psychological side effects. Effective skin programs can help the skin to function normal and significantly reduce acne appearance and occurrence in men.

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