Main Causes of Aging Skin

skin symptoms. . .
if your skin could talk, what would it say?

Article contributed by author Alayna A. Fries, Licensed Esthetician


Look carefully.  Pay attention.

Your skin symptoms can tell you exactly how your skin feels and what it needs.  You can listen to your skin talk by responding to its symptoms.  By hearing what your skin is telling you, you will be able to proactively treat your skin conditions. 

We all have symptoms.  We just need to notice what they are then pay attention to them.

Just like a meteorologist uses a barometer to determine weather conditions by measuring barometric pressure to inform them when a storm or "bad" weather is approaching, the skin shows us symptoms instead. 

When the barometer is falling, the weather pattern doesn't look too good.  When the barometer is rising, they know that "blue skies" and "clear" weather are usually expected and things look much better.

I am using this example to illustrate how you can understand the main causes of aging skin and the symptoms it shows. When your barometer is rising you are probably using products with the proper ingredients, eating foods that can nourish your skin and body and have embraced a healthful lifestyle.

When your barometer is falling your skin begins to develop symptoms to tell you all is not well.  As one or more skin symptoms start to emerge, it is telling you that you are probably doing "bad" things to yourself.

Your skin uses symptoms to talk to you.


The barometer is a visual way to explain what you are seeing when you look in the mirror.

Just as the barometer tells the meteorologist what conditions are outside, so does your skin symptoms speak to you of the condition inside of your body. 

Our skin has a kind of talking barometer known as symptoms that appear and will tell you the conditions inside of your body.

Over the course of time, symptoms will begin to show on the surface of the skin in the form of age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye bags and loss of skin tone.

What affects your skin's barometer?

The main causes of aging skin is affected by what you are feeding your body, your lifestyle choices, the products you use to treat your skin as well as your overall environment.  In the same sense, as the symptom begins to appear on the skin, we also know that something is potentially physically wrong and that an action needs to be taken.

The body's barometer helps you listen to your skin talk so that the proper action can be taken to help your skin symptoms disappear.

It is really quite simple. . .

For instance, if you have tight and flaky skin, it is a symptom that may be telling you that the skin is not producing enough oils to achieve the natural balance of your skin.  You may need to reassess your skin care treatments, your diet, your exercise habits, environmental factors and perhaps, even your lifestyle choices.

Alayna's Pro Tip on treating the main causes of aging skin                             

In reality, some products actually work like a "band-aid" to simply cover up the symptom rather than actually treating the real issue.

There simply isn't any one product that is going to do all the work for you. My experience has shown that it typically takes a combination of skin care products, a healthful diet and life changes to effectively treat the main causes of aging skin symptoms.

Band-aids were made to cover the surface, what I am talking about here is much deeper than that.  It's a more holistic approach to creating an effective skin rejuvenation plan that stands the test of time.

Consider it might be time for a change.

Try something different!

so, please,
listen to what your skin is telling you!

Alayna A. Fries, Licensed Esthetician, and author of If Your Skin Could Talk, What Would It Say? that teaches you about what skin care products to avoid and what you should be choosing for your skin. 

Three recommendations for "must have" products that treat a range of aging skin symptoms. . .

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