How to Remove Moles Yourself with DIY Natural Treatments

by Anna
(London, UK)

How to Remove Moles Yourself with DIY Natural Treatments

How to Remove Moles Yourself with DIY Natural Treatments

Hi everyone, You can learn how to remove moles yourself with natural treatments. This is one of my first tips I've shared and I hope I've written it in an article style that is helpful.

If you have a prominent mole on your face that unfortunately seems to attract more attention than any other feature of yours then these DIY treatments will really help.

Even if you are not looking for a career in show business you'll still want to remove any moles from your face, especially if yours is particularly ugly.

I was faced with a similar problem a while ago and I was at a loss regarding how to proceed. I showed my mole to a doctor who told me that it wasn't a concerning one and that it wasn't the type that had a chance of turning cancerous.

My doctor also recommended laser surgery or cryosurgery to get rid of it easily. The only problem was that these options were fairly expensive. I could think of many more things I needed to spend the money on! Besides, the doctor also told me that the procedures involved a little bit of pain.

Luckily, I did quite a bit of research and came across information on how to remove moles yourself safely and painlessly.

You too can easily get rid of your moles by using natural products that corrode the skin, causing the mole to dry up and drop away. (Honest!) It sure worked for me.

There are several mole removal products available over the counter. But you can easily make your own mole removal treatment right at home using a variety of natural ingredients that destroy the mass of the mole, leaving unblemished skin underneath.

However, you need to be patient and prepared to put in hard work to get rid of the problem. I promise that you will be happy with the results.

need to start by selecting the substance that you will use to get rid of the mole. You'll find most of these ingredients right in your kitchen cupboard.

They include baking soda, apple cider vinegar, castor oil, potatoes or even onions to name a few. You'll also need a brand new nail file to abrade the mole with.

Start the process of removing moles by abrading the surface very, very gently. Do not be too rough because you will cause it to bleed. All you want to do is remove the very top layer of skin.

You then apply the natural ingredient that you have chosen. If you wish to go with the baking soda then you ought to make it into a paste before applying it to the mole.

For the other options, simply squeeze the juice out of the potatoes or onions if you decide to use them. Once you have applied the substance to the abraded mole you should then cover it with a piece of gauze or cotton wool soaked in the material and affix the whole thing with adhesive tape or a band aid.

You need to change it two more times during the day and keep doing so for a month or so.

Your mole will become smaller every day and it will also begin to form a scab thanks to the constant abrasion.

Then, happily, one day it will just completely dry up and fall off. I was really amazed at how attractive I looked without it.

Of course, you do have to deal with people's stares for a while when you are going through the treatment. I can wholeheartedly assure you that this method of how to remove moles yourself is very effective.

Here are a few of sources I used to gather this information:
The online site called the Well Being Doctor and, of course everyone's "go to" resource, Wikipedia.

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