Galvanic Spa Facial

by Becca

Galvanic Spa Facial Treatment. . . Do -It-Yourself!

Galvanic Spa Facial Treatment. . . Do -It-Yourself!

Now ladies, this one is a keeper that's for sure. I can't tell you how much I adore the galvanic spa facial devise! Not only did I see improvement in the depth of my wrinkles after the very first time I used it, I continue to see wonderful results.

It's a little hand-held device that uses microcurrents to firm, tone and reduce wrinkles. It is easy to use and makes my skin delightfully soft and smooth afterwards.

The directions say that you can use the galvanic facial treatment up to three times a week but I have to confess that my skin is very sensitive and I found that if I use it more than twice a week my skin develops a few dry, red, itchy patches. So you will have to adjust the number of treatments according to your skin type.

Although the galvanic spa facial devise is a little pricey, I figured that by canceling two facial appointments at my spa, I could give myself my own microcurrent treatment for years at a humongous savings over time.

I'm so glad that I finally decided to go ahead and buy it!

I saw the video of the Rachel Ray Show on DIY anti-aging treatments in the Skinsational Newsletter that I get from this site. That was what finally convinced me that there are many spa treatments that I can do myself that are just as effective and I can save a ton of money too.


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The Galvanic Spa
by: V.L.


You ROCK!!

Thanks so much for your advice. I got one!!

It's everything you said it was and more. I LOVE that I can see the results right after each treatment. My wrinkles are smoothing out and the bags around my eyes are firming... right before my eyes!

My only suggestion to others is to only use the galvanic spa as directed. I went overboard the first few weeks because I was so excited and my skin started to develop a few red, irritated patches.

Once I stopped using the NuSkin devise twice a day, that went right away.

I absolutely love the wrinkle treatment that you everyday to "iron in" the product too... it makes your skin feel so soft and look nice a plump and hydrated.

This is a definite must for anyone wanting to see quick results in reducing wrinkles and firming sagging skin.

THANKS so much for the great tip...

This forum is a wonderful source of all sorts of awesome information.

Now I'm off to try the Revitalash Enhancer... YEAH!!


Editor's Note:

More Info. on the NuSkin Galvanic Spa Facial Treatment

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