Face Exercises

do skin toning devices that exercise your face really work?

A skin toner is an exercising device for the face and neck that is said to improve muscle tone and, thus, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and firm sagging skin.


These various devices like the jawzercise, face trainers, facial fitness bands, flexers, and facial muscle trainers- (just to name a few) -work to strengthen and improve muscle tone with a series of face exercises.

The benefit of facial exercises is one of the most controversial subjects in the anti-aging skin care arena.  

With a lack of independent clinical studies, the question continues to be debated for without a clear resolution.

Who's to say?

There are two completely opposing points of views regarding the benefits of facial exercise neither of which has been supported by independent scientific study.

  1. The first view essentially embraces the philosophy that face exercises will firm and tone facial muscles which in turn will improve sagging skin, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  2. The second school of thought ascribes to the view that the facial muscles receive more than enough exercise as a result of the millions of expressions that the facial muscles undergo on a daily basis.  In fact, this school of thought actually warns that facial exercise can actually increase the appearance of wrinkles.

To do or not to do? 
That remains the question.

What experts do agree on is that facial massage can yield a variety of benefits. The idea is that face massage improves skin suppleness because it reduces and releases muscle tension in the face and jaw. 

For example, a gentle massage using your fingertips in an upwards, sweeping motion from the center of the chin outwards to the temples is one technique.  Combining a gentle facial massage with your favorite skin care routine will amplify the benefits. 

Other options instead of Face Exercises

After a facial massage treatment followed by cleansing then applying your skin toner and moisturizer, gently tap your face with your fingertips, (like playing a piano), to further stimulate the skin. 

This little trick works to facilitate your skin to absorb the products more deeply through the matrix.

There are many other skin toner options besides a face exercises device that have clinical evidence to back-up the benefits of firming sagging skin and reducing wrinkles ranging from the simple derma roller to galvanic microcurrent stimulation spa treatments and home LED laser treatments.



Facial 4 in 1 Laser



Galvanic Facial


Using a clinically proven spa device along with an anti-aging treatment with active ingredients targeted to firm and tone skin significantly enhances results.  Products that are formulated with actives include Vitamins A & C, DMAE, hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl among others.

Download or review the Anti-Aging Active Ingredient Fact Sheet to select active ingredients best suited for your concerns.

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