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by Amy

I Vote for Revitalash Eyelash Growth Products!

I Vote for Revitalash Eyelash Growth Products!

Over the years, I've researched and used several different eyelash growth products with varying degrees of success. (Being cursed with short, stubbly, sparce eyelashes will do that to a girl. . .)

My two top contenders for achieving the best results for longer, thicker eyelashes are Latisse and Revitalash.

They both used to be priced around the same amount but even the advanced formula of Revitalash is now around $75.00 while Latisse (only available with a prescription as a FDA approved medication) runs more than $150.

The main active ingredient in Latisse is called bimataprost which is typically used as a glaucoma medication. As a result, read the precautions because it can change eye color and/or discolor the eyelid where it is applied.

Revitalash is considered an eyelash conditioner and not a medication. Therefore it is available over-the-counter or can be purchased online.

Both of these eyelash growth products work quite well in lengthening and thickening the lashes. Although Latisse seems to perform a bit better than Revitalash in darkening the lashes for some people. Some people also report that they see results a little faster when using Latisse rather than Revitalash. (I personally didn't notice a significant difference.)

Once I learned that there was the risk of side-effects with Latisse, I decided not to take any further chances and stopped using it.

After several months I noticed that my eyelashes had started to return to their usual short, stubbly, thin appearance so decided to give Revitalash a try.

It's been almost 4 months now and my lashes have filled out again quite nicely and have
grown back to the same length and are much thicker; just like they were when I used Latisse.

To be honest, I can't say that I notice much difference in the results I have gotten between the two eyelash growth products. (I have rather dark lashes, so the darkening effect -if that is even accurate- didn't really matter to me.)

I did find that Revitalash can be a lot cheaper than Latisse if you are able to find a gift set or sample pack offer. The lash conditioner is usually paired with Revitalash's primer and their mascara which I discovered is also an excellent product. Sometimes you can even get an eyeliner, or eye-highlighter pencil included in the set as well.

So with those facts, I vote a big thumbs-up for Revitalash. It works, gives comparable results when tested side-by-side (for me anyways) with Latisse, is actually much cheaper; especially when purchased as a bundle with other Revitalash products, and is easier and more convenient to buy.


Thanks for a great (and very informative) review!

I also happen to be a big fan of Revitalash but since it is the only eyelash growth product I have used, I don't have a basis for comparison like you do.

Since you so kindly mentioned the savings that were possible, I went on a bargain hunt and found that Revitalash is by far the most reasonable on Amazon: Revitalash Products

Skinsationally Yours,


P.S. Revitalash also works to fill in and thicken thinning eyebrows. (A typical issue that fair haired gals like me experience as they get older. . .)

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