Eyelash Brushes

by Joanie

What's the Best Eyelash Brushes to Use?

What's the Best Eyelash Brushes to Use?

What are the best eyelash brushes? I have several different kinds and all of them get all gunked up and sticky even though I clean them frequently. None of the eyelash brushes seem to last very long.

The bristles get all crunched up and matted. Since I use a lot of mascara, it's important that I have a good way of separating the lashes after each application. I've tried eyelash combs, dry mascara wands and even pins to get my lashes to stay separated.

Does anyone have any suggestions? There must be a simple way of applying mascara and not have your eye lashes get all clumpy. That just looks horrible!

I'd really like some sort of assortment of eyelash brushes with very stiff bristles in varying length that are very sturdy. It would also be nice to be able to wipe them clean after each use so that they are ready to use.

Any ideas?

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The Best Eyelash Brush is a Comb!
by: Anonymous

A folding eyelash comb is the only way to go. Tweezerman makes them as well as eyelash brushes of course. You can easily find them in any big department store or beauty store. They really work well to separate the eye lashes and get rid of all of those clumps.

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