Exfoliation is a Great Anti-Aging Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Exfoliation is a great Anti-Aging treatment for Sensitive Skin to keep it healthy and youthful looking. ***lara-beauty-products.shtml***

Exfoliation (epidermal cell turnover) is a natural process where about 80,000 skin cells die every day, making their way from the lower layers of the skin up to the surface where they eventually fall off.

As we age, the natural exfoliation process slows down, resulting in an increasing dullness to our complexion.

Gentle home exfoliators, like Lara Beauty Polishing Microderm Abrasion, can help you remove these dull dead cells and expose the healthy underlying living cells.

This yields fresher and brighter-looking skin, and can improve absorption and penetration of the active ingredients in your skin care products.

How often should you exfoliate?

Optimal frequency depends on your skin type. It takes a few days for dead skin cells to accumulate, so you should not exfoliate every day. Over exfoliation may remove living cells and increase your chance of irritation and skin damage. For balanced skin, 2 to 3 times a week is optimal.

For oily skin, excessive exfoliation may even create a "rebound" effect, and stimulate excess sebum (natural skin oils). Occasional exfoliation, 1 to 2 times per week, is sufficient.

For dry skin, regular exfoliation (up to 4 times a week) will ensure the removal of those unwanted dead cells while delivering soft, supple, hydrated skin.

When should I use Microderm Abrasion?

Exfoliate morning or night, and always follow with an alcohol free toner, like LB Revitalizing Daily Toner for Sensitive Skin, a gentle cleanser, like LB Conditioning Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, and a hydrating moisturizer, like LB Anti-Aging Daily Therapy for Sensitive Skin, in all areas that you exfoliate.

Use Lara Beauty into your shower! Your skin is perfectly primed by the heat and you can use it on your face, neck and décolleté. And leave the loofah! Let your fingertips or an ultra-soft washcloth and Lara Beauty do the work.

Make regular exfoliating routine. It's easy, and a great way to start (or finish) your hectic day.

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