DIY Organic Skin Care Regimen

by Jenap Hassan

DIY Organic Skin Care Regimen

DIY Organic Skin Care Regimen

Are the results of a DIY organic skin care regimen as good as using good over-the-counter facial rejuvenation skin care products?

Here is my daily approach for my DIY natural skin care regimen:


    * Facial wash using pre-cleansing grape seed oil
    * Moisturiser: Mixture of milk, citrus juice and olive oil


    * Just grape seed oil as moisturizer


    * Glycolic acid wash using your recipe of a mixture of coffee, sugar, salt and citrus juice
    * Moisturize- Peanut butter


    * Mixture of grape seed oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E


    1. Mask of mixture yogurt, egg yolk, oats, honey and citrus juice
    2. Mask of banana, honey and buttermilk
    3. Microdermabration

Here's my question:
Are my selection fully cover every aspect of anti-aging skin care? Will there be effective results as good as using good skin care products?

I would appreciate your comment on my selections.

Thank you in advance.

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DIY Natural Skin Care Routine
by: Sue

Hi Jenap,

WOW. . . How impressive! You have developed a very comprehensive natural anti-aging skin care routine for yourself.

The only question I had was the peanut butter. Do you mean peanut oil or do you really use peanut butter as a moisturizer? If so, isn't that a bit messy? (Not that most natural skin care treatments aren't messy but for moisturizers I use ingredients that are readily absorbed into the skin.) Just curious.

I do mix-up the natural ingredients that I use every few weeks or so in order to get the wide range of rejuvenating benefits that nature offers.

For example, I bought an Aloe Vera plant years ago and will frequently express the gel from a big leaf to add to a recipe.

In the winter, my skin can get very dry so I add ingredients rich in emollient properties like avocado.

Have you had an opportunity to take the free ecourse on starting your own natural skin care regimen? That is packed with lots of information that you might feel helpful.

Thanks for sharing!


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