Derma Wand Professional

by Ava
(Washington, USA)

What's the Secret with the Derma Wand Professional Model?

What's the Secret with the Derma Wand Professional Model?

Has anyone tried the new Derma Wand professional facial system? It is suppose to be five times stronger than any other facial laser!

The television commercial I saw claims that it firms sagging skin so it appears like you’ve had a mini face lift.

The commercial also said that it will reduce puffy under eye circles, tone, and soften the fine lines around the eyes as well as diminish wrinkles.

I’ve been interested in trying a facial laser but I don’t know which one will work the best. The derma wand professional model is cheaper than the Baby Quasar photo rejuvenation laser which also seems to be quite popular on the beauty forums.

Does anyone have opinions or experiences with either home facial laser models?

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by: Lisa

I personally would spend the extra money and go for the Baby Q. It's the next generation of home laser treatments. I'm not sure that the technology of the dermawand matches that of the Baby Quasar.

Derma Wand Feedback
by: R.T.S

I've only had the derma wand for about a month now and the results are not as significant as I had hoped they would be.

The improvements are quite subtle so far but they do say that it can take several months to really see a significant difference.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the derma wand treatments will continue to improve my skin.

Maybe I should consider the Baby Quasar?

Baby Quasar
by: Cindy

The Baby Quasar has my vote hands down. But to be honest, I've never tried the Derma wand so I can't really compare the two.

I have been so happy that I finally bought the Baby Q and just LOVE the results that I've seen over the past two months!

Derma Wand or Baby Quasar
by: Anonymous

Why not both? It might be a bit expensive at first but I feel that my appearance is worth it!

Not to mention all the money that I save by giving myself facial treatments rather than paying the astronomical prices at a spa!

Over time I have bought both the derma wand and the baby quasar because they target different aging skin issues and I want to be sure that I am covering all the bases that I can to keep my skin as youthful looking as possible.

I also take the opportunity to apply my retinol and hyaluronic acid products after each treatment with the derma wand or baby quasar (I alternate them each week) so that the skin can absorb them more effectively and efficiently.

I've have honestly seen quite a big difference over time since I've started tailoring my skin care regime to focus on facial rejuvenation strategies!

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