Daily Facial Routine Suggestions and Advice

by Lara

e-Course for a Natural Daily Facial Routine

e-Course for a Natural Daily Facial Routine

Hello, I recently purchased the book Skinsational; however, I did not seem to find suggestions for what a regular (daily/weekly/monthly) routine should include...

There are many aspects outlined in the book for cleansers, face masks, face mists, scrubs, etc...) and I'm wondering if you could give me some suggestions and advice on when to do what.

I have "normal" skin and have, in the past, cleansed and moisturized my face in the morning and before bed.

Thank-you for your time.



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My Routine
by: Clare

I can try to help by sharing my own routine! After years of trying expensive, makeup-ish skin care products with fragrances, etc., I've switched to a very utilitarian line out of Japan, Yu-Be Skin Care. It is so soothing and efficient, my skin has been baby soft and smooth ever since. I use their Moisturizing Skin Cream when I wake up and right before I go to bed. I use their Foaming Skin Polish in the shower 3 times a week to exfoliate. In between, if I'm feeling any dryness at all, I use their Body Lotion, and I also treat my heels and elbows to their Moisturizing Socks once or twice a week.
Hope that helps!

Natural Skin Care Daily Routine
by: Sue


Oh my! That would have been an excellent chapter to include in the book. Great question.

A natural skin care routine isn't any different than any other skin care regimen. Instead of using over-the-counter products you substitute some (or all) for your homemade natural treatments.

The basics of a skin care routine (I've listed the steps in the order) would involve:

1. Cleansing or scrub
2. Toner
3. Spot treatments for blemishes or age spots if necessary
4. Moisturizer
5. Eye Treatment if applicable

Since I have very dry, sensitive skin I typically only cleanse my face once a day in the evening. Otherwise I pretty much follow the typical routine.

I also use every strategy I can. Meaning, I incorporate my homemade recipes along with the over-the-counter products I use. (I want to get the benefits of every type of rejuvenating treatment I possibly can.)

Every weekend I will give my skin a natural facial steam followed by either a natural mask recipe or facial peel recipe.

I am also a big fan of the natural skin care mists since my skin is so dry. I mix up a recipe every weekend, put it into a small spray bottle and pop it in my purse to mist my face throughout the day. (The recipes using mint are my favorite since they smell so fresh and wonderful).

I happen to be in love with both organic coconut oil and almond oil as moisturizers too.

I developed a free ecourse on starting your own natural skin care routine that you might find helpful. Here's the link to sign-up if you want:

Starting Your Own Natural Skin Care Routine

Thanks so much for asking your question! I'm sure that other people might be wondering the same thing...

Did I answer your question thoroughly enough?

My Best,


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