Causes of Acne and Natural Acne Treatment Remedies

by scarlettwardlaw
(WA, Australia)

Natural Acne Treatment Remedies

Natural Acne Treatment Remedies

Causes of Acne and Natural Acne Treatment Remedies

Causes of Acne:
One of the most significant contributors is the lack of basic cleanliness. Keeping the skin as clean as possible, free from dirt and oils is the best starting point.

Diet has and will always remain on the list of top contributors to body and facial acne. It is best to eat a well-balanced diet to ensure that the skin gets proper nutrients.

Acne also has many other sources, so getting a diagnosis as to the casues at the earliest will help eliminate trial and error methods for treatment.

Acne Treatments Options:

    1. Over the counter treatments
    2. Prescription treatments
    3. Natural skin care
    4. Cosmetic and Spa laser treatments (Commercial and do-it-yourself options)
    5. Cleansing, treating and protecting the skin
    6. Use acne treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the best ways on how to get rid of acne fast. This breaks up dead skin cells and gets rid of bacteria. It also removes the oils that clog your pores.

Natural Acne Treatment Remedies:
These are just a few of the many home acne treatment remedies that can be readily used to treat acne.

    1. Apply orange peel well pulverized with water to the acne-affected areas on your face and body.
    2. Apply cucumber leaves or its well-grated flesh as a cure for acne.
    3. Rubbing the acne with a fresh garlic clove can also be very effective.
    4. Tea tree oil is a popular home remedy for acne.
    5. Plain generic aspirin is a natural source of salicylic acid which is a standard (albeit pricey) treatment for acne. Simply dampen an aspirin and apply it to the outbreak.
    6. Sugar cane is a natural source of glycolic acid which is another typical over-the-counter natural treatment for acne. (Who doesn't have sugar in their cupboards?) Make your own facial scrub!
    7. Apply ice to acne spots. The ice reduces swelling and heals acne quickly because it unclogs your pores with its cold temperature.
    8. Don't pick. If you must, gently squeeze out the inflammation to reduce the soreness. Then wash carefully and rub a slightly moistened aspirin tablet directly onto the infected area.

If you have an extreme case of acne, a good dermatologist can suggest a good combination of both oral and topical medicines, or over-the-counter acne products that can help you in getting free of acne.

Natural Skin Care Remedies

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Anti aging foods
by: Anonymous

Excellent article. Undoubtedly, Home remedies like eating anti aging foods is good for our overall health. These foods are loaded with plenty of nutrients that is required by the body for our optimal health. I have also seen some website that have plenty of information like Healthline, Zovon, and Webmd regarding anti-aging foods.

Fighting Acne!
by: Aesthetician

As a Fearless Chic, I've found that the main cause of acne is due to overactive sebaceous glands or oily skin. The biggest tip when fighting acne is having a skin care system that is all "natural" and "oil free", possibly Botanical Based.

During summer months when temperatures are much warmer, keeping moist wipes that lack fragrance to remove heavy sweat and oil from the face and neck areas. At night, a main concern is making sure cosmetics are removed thoroughly. Don't forget SPF 30!

Great Remedies to Treat Acne
by: Sakarra

I have tried a couple of these natural remedies and there are a couple that work really well.

The one I like the most is to use the orange peel on areas where we have acne. The acid that is left on the peel helps the cleanse the bacteria and dead skin cells from my face. I always wash after that as well and my skin looked radiant.

The one thing that was troublesome, for me, was staying stocked with some of these items. I do not have an orange obsession, so I do not always want to buy them or let them go to waste. Please try some of these out as they work well.

My skin looks good and has no harsh chemicals from the treatment. The orange peels work well along with garlic when I am in short supply.

It can be a Good Thing to Vary Acne Treatment Remedies
by: Anonymous

Wow...your remedies are awesome and very useful. I learned some natural remedies too to treat acne. Just to share it with other people, in my own way I used some over the counter acne creams for my acne and found that some also help to remove scars too. OTC products can work faster than some of those natural remedies but of course some times we need to use a variety of approaches.

Nice Blog on All Sorts of Skin Care Topics
by: Anonymous

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to learning even more through your blog.

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