Botox Lips can be a Big Mistake

by Shelley

Botox Lips Warning!

Botox Lips Warning!

Have you ever seen anyone with Botox Lips? YIKES!

It can actually be quite a scary look.

Just want to give you all a head-up on the reality of having Botox injected anywhere near the lips. There a few side-effects that you should know about since it seems that many cosmeticians don't bother to tell you. . .

I know, I know, people have collagen fillers injected into their lips every day. Some are lucky and get a nice, subtle plumping effect while others end up looking like Daffy Duck.

But then add a Botox treatment to those lips and Holey Moley. . . it can be a disastrous combination.

I work in a cosmetic spa and it never ceases to amaze me to what lengths some women will go in order to improve (or insist on a treatment –or several- that they think will) make them look younger, sexier, more attractive, or whatever. Usually without heeding the advice of professionals, I might add.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of taking corrective action and enhancing what nature gave you. But what I’m taking about the people who go w-a-y overboard.

Now let’s take a look at what Botox can do to lips. . .

Using Botox around the mouth area needs to be done very carefully and sparingly. If not, the results can be a stiff upper lip, and I mean that literally!

Smiling becomes nearly impossible. Usually attempts to offer up that big, natural looking sunny smile ends up looking like a disdainful grimace because the lips no longer move naturally. The entire mouth tends to stretch side-ways in a straight line which produces an odd distorted look for almost any expression.

And be forewarned. . .

It will be necessary to use a straw when drinking anything for quite awhile!

Botox may minimize the wrinkles around the lips but it does so by freezing the muscles, causing them to tighten. You can’t feel your lips; therefore control is next to impossible.

So unless you want to drool when drinking with Botox lips, it is best to use a straw until you master the art of using a mouth that has been frozen in place.

Just saying. . .

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