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Consumer Review of the Zeno blue led light acne treatment device

Zeno Acne Treatment

The Zeno acne medical treatment device is Carla's new best friend!  She doesn't know what she would do without her miraculous pimple zapper.  She says it is the best acne spot treatment ever!

Carla's only regret is that she waited so long to get it. It's become her magical "zit zapper"! Now she wouldn't be without it for even a day.

Carla explains that the Zeno acne medical device was first recommended by her dermatologist because she was continuously battling acne outbreaks and what she describes as "ginormous" pimples that would occupy her whole chin, forehead, and especially the tip of her nose.

How embarrassing!

The Zeno acne medical device has a tip that heats up and when placed on the emerging pimple, it sends a little blast of heat right to the source of the bacterial.  It makes it the best acne spot treatment gadget for everyday use.

A quick zap with the ZENO Acne Clearing Device and within 12 to 24 hours it's gone!

Carla is still amazed at how well the Zeno works on her blemishes. . .

The Zeno "zit zapper" is available without a prescription and can be found for around $150 to $190.

Carla does warn that it is a little on the pricey side but every penny is well worth the clear skin it gives her every time she feels a pimple emerging.

important note on the zeno treatment device:

There are many FDA cleared DIY home acne laser LED light therapy devices available now which are just as effective and much more affordable.

The Zeno acne treatment laser was one of the first popular devices, but more powerful and diverse models are now readily available!

Acne clearing devices use blue light therapy, an FDA cleared treatment which emits blue lights to penetrate the skin, eliminating the bacteria that causing acne. Some devices use a warm heating option to ensure bacteria causing acne are completely eliminated.

use what works!

The best acne spot treatment devices:

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