Beauty Tips for Lips

by Ayaanu
(Mumbai,Maharashtra, India)

Beauty Tips for Lips

Beauty Tips for Lips

The best beauty tips for lips are prevention and the care you give your lips.

Who wants lip wrinkles?

Sun damage is one of the main causes behind dry lips, lip wrinkles, and lip roughness. You can help prevent that damage by using a lip product that includes a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen year-round.

To prevent dry, chapped lips in winter, use a super rich, moisturizing lip balm with SPF 15 sunscreen many times throughout the day and evening. Be sure to cover your lips with a scarf or neck warmer when outside.

Believe it or not, lips are the most ignored part of our body. I think we only apply lip balm or other lip treatment only after they begin to chap and inevitably crack. But, in fact, one should always take care and give complete protection to their lips. That's the only way to prevent lines and wrinkles around the lips in the future.

One of the products helpful for lipa care is good old fashion Vaseline. Vaseline has a whole product line now for Lip Therapy which is all it takes to care for the lips. Vaseline also provides protection against UV and Lip Darkening.

In the summer, be sure to apply a lip product with sunscreen several times a day. It will keep your lips moisturized as well as protect them from sun damage.

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