Age Spots on Fair Skin

by Dianne

Get Rid of Age Spots on Fair Skin - I just had a 30 percent TCA

Get Rid of Age Spots on Fair Skin - I just had a 30 percent TCA

By getting a 20% to 30% TCA peel from a Dermatologist, I have gotten rid of every age spot and freckle.

I am 47 female fair skin. It is a little expensive. Check for prices.

Or you can order a TCA peel and do it yourself. If you do this read the directions very carefully!

DO NOT do a 25% or up by yourself. Have a Dermatologist do it.

So. . .chemical peels leave your skin like a baby's butt.

Oh, the recovery time for a 20 to 30 percent peel is about 1 week. You can go out, but stay out of the sun or you will look horrible.

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Age Spots on My Face
by: Rahul

I am starting to get a few age spots on my face and I have been looking for some treatment to remove them from my skin. With the help of your website, I have got a better option to remove them easily with no side effects.

Gorgeous Peel
by: Rita

I am 41 but I have a lot of sun damage and wrinkles. I tried in the past a TCA 25% that I bought online and it was a nightmare, the healing process took forever and it was very painful.

I did not want to have a peel done at a physician's office because quite frankly I cannot really afford it but I did not want to buy a cheap peel and make my skin worth!

Other peels are really easy to do, come with all instructions, post peel, vitamins C serum, etc.

The Gorgeous Peel gave me the results I wanted. It was a painless process and only one day down time. I will recommend this peel to anyone who really want to see a huge difference by doing a peel at home.

Be careful of TCA peel, there is a lot of horror stories!

Gorgeous Peel
by: Lisa

I am 45 years old and I also been in the sun. I also try to apply sunblock and take care of myself. I had tried numerous products on the market and I had laser treatment 10 years ago and it was extremely painful and the recovery time was too long.

Then I had 2 chemical peel from my plastic surgeons and the results were great but it was very expensive like $2000.

About one month ago I came across ANAIS skincare and decided to try the GORGEOUS PEEL.

And the results were fantastic! I two treatment at home of the Gorgeous peel and all my dark spots, fines line and large pores are gone.

It left my skin smooth and one color. I am extremely happy and going to try other products from this company now.

Xsura 24/7 Did not work for me.
by: Stephanie

I had tried Xsura 24/7 complete skincare system after I purchase it from plastic surgeon office and I did not like it on my skin it gave me pimples and did not do anything to my dark spots or wrinkles.

I think it is not strong enough to remove dark spot.

I think for that you need hydroquinone 4% minimum or a high exfoliator.

Great anti-aging products line
by: Dr. Schwartz

I have tried the peels and anti-aging from ANAIS skincare and I love these products!

They work really well on dull skin, wrinkles, fine lines, ages spots, sun damages and acne scarring.

I was amazed.

Caring for Aging Skin
by: Angel

Have you tried Xsura 24/7 complete skincare system? It's very effective and affordable! It is a revolutionary product that uses natural micro organisms.

They use tiny microorganisms called extremophiles, a life form found to possess a unique and powerful enzyme structure that not only protects the organism from the ravaging effects of its unusually harsh habitat, but even has the ability to repair itself. Isn't this good news for aging skin?!

It works wonders! The advanced extremophile blend along with shiitake mushroom extract help to calm redness and soothe inflammation for a more youthful complexion. It is ideal if your skin is showing visible signs of loss of elasticity, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, rough texture, sun damage, discoloration and crows feet. You simply have to apply after cleansing in the morning and evening.

I tried it and got positive effects within weeks!

Good Luck!

TCA Peels
by: Dr. Lofflar

You can buy this product to do it at home yourself. TCA peels of 15%, 18%, 25% and 50%, scars remover, anti-aging serums, tattoo remover.

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