A Vitamin C Skin Whitening Treatment Works Great!

by Caroline

Age Spots? Use a Vitamin C Skin Whitening Treatment

Age Spots? Use a Vitamin C Skin Whitening Treatment

Yes, using a vitamin C whitening treatment really does work. I had developed significant sun-damaged skin from years of an overly enthusiastic tanning. The price I paid for that beautiful tan all those years was an unfortunate accumulation of age spots and a very mottled, uneven skin tone; especially on my face, neck and chest.

So I dove into researching how to repair my skin and learned about using Vitamin C to treat sun damaged skin in one of Dr. Perricone's books. I remember how he described a revelation on the potential of using vitamin C as a skin whitening treatment when he dripped some juice from an orange on a rug and it left a white bleach spot behind.

Then I read an article in a Medical Journal of Dermatology about several studies conducted on using topical Vitamin C to prevent as well as treat hyperpigmentation and photo-aged skin (aka sun-damaged skin).

So I tried several products without much success until I learned that vitamin C is only as effective as the concentration of the antioxidant included in the formulation. An effective treatment needs to have a concentration of Vitamin C serum up to a maximum concentration of 20%.

In addition, the potent properties of Vitamin C degrades by oxidizing when it is exposed to light, heat and air so the best products are packaged in a dark, opaque bottle or metal tube to preserve its potency. (It will begin turning a yellow, orangey color as it becomes exposed to light. That’s when it starts to lose its effectiveness so always seal the product tightly and store it in a dark, cool spot.)
Bear in mind that results are not
instant. It will take several weeks to see results but over time your age spots and skin tone will begin to improve. With long term use, the effects are quite significant.

I've had great success, that's for sure! Many of my age spots are literally gone while the larger, darker ones are fading. My skin tone has evened out considerably and looks so much better. I've been really pleased with the results I've had after including a Vitamin C serum in my overall skin rejuvenation regimen.

A word of warning though!

I have fair, sensitive skin. I can attest to the fact that you do not want to start with a Vitamin C serum at the maximum 20% concentration.

Your skin will need some time to build up a tolerance or, like me, your skin will get red and raw along with developing a little spotty rash. I even had a few areas on my face that started to peel.

Lesson learned!

I had to stop using any Vit. C treatment for over a week to give my skin time to heal and then switch to a lower strength for a month before beginning again with the 20% concentrated C serum.
Tip: What I do is put a very light layer of the C serum on my face, neck and chest. I let it absorb and dry for a minute or two before applying my moisturizer and, of course, sun screen!

Although different skin care treatments have various levels of results on different skin types, the clinical studies I have read confirm that using a Vitamin C skin whitening treatment does produce reliable results over time.

They sure have for me. . .

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