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Derma Wand
DIY Home Home Laser

Derma Wand Spa TreatmentThe DermaWand operates on a high frequency current that stimulates skin cells.

The micro-current stimulates the skin to improve oxygen flow, circulation and increasing the effectiveness of nutrients to repair the skin at a cellular level.

The Derma Wand also works to plump sagging skin and thinning lips along with reducing puffy under eyes.

The enriched oxygen produced by this facial laser essentially acts to cleanse and purify the surface of the skin by gently removing accumulated debris.

This action serves to provide the facial skin with a deep cleansing and cellular stimulation.

This version of the home laser is also advertised to stimulate the skin's circulation. Increasing circulation helps the skin's ability to repair itself and to absorb the benefits of age fighting ingredients in skin care products.

Which, of course, provides aging skin cells with the nutrients necessary to stimulate collagen production.

Check it out for yourself:

Derma Wand Kit

All of these activities not only improves skin tone, firms sagging skin, stimulates cell renewal, reduces pore size, and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles but also works to reduce puffy under eye bags and plump out thinning lips!

The basic premise of home laser spa treatments are derived from a category of soft lasers which is believed to encourage the stimulation of skin cells at a cellular level to rejuvenate aging skin.   Like any other anti-aging treatments, it does take some time to see the effects the dermawand has on aging skin.

Patience and consistency are the key elements in effectively rejuvenating aging skin.

Since the DermaWand's release to the home consumer, it has quickly become a favorite home spa treatment!

Independent studies quantify the results achieved with the DermaWand:
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Diminished appearance of puffy eyes
  • Improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle depth
  • Increases skin tone that improves and firms sagging skin by providing a "lifting" effect
  • Provides a plumping effect to lips
  • Reduces under eye puffiness

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The Derma Wand is easy to use so feel free to indulge and pamper yourself...

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