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Dark Under Eye Circles
Treat the Dark Circles and
Puffy Under Eye Bags!

Learn how to get rid of dark under eye circles.
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It isn't rocket science!

Psst. . . get rid of those ugly puffy eye bags too!

Modern technology has makes easier, yet more stressful!
The result can be a haggard, tired look from those dark circles that form under the eyes.

A lot of people put in 16 to 20 hour days with work, family and leisure time. And the last four to eight hours is spent in a fitful sleep.

Skin Care Product ReviewThe result of a poor restless night's sleep, allergies along with a host of other factors all contribute to those puffy, dark under eye circles.

What are dark circles?

Dark Circles are deep shadows below the eyes. They can mask the energy and vitality you feel with a haggard and tired look. Dark under eye circles may be accompanied by swelling commonly referred to bags under the eyes.

What makes dark under eye circles?

Dark circles may be caused either by stressful or incomplete sleep or a deficiency of some nutrient like vitamin K. Some additional causes are outlined below.

Heredity: Like varicose veins, dark circles under the eyes can be an inherited trait. If you have dark circles, there is a chance that others in your family also have them. The skin under you eye may be very thin. When blood passes through the large veins close to the surface of the skin it can produce a bluish tint. The more transparent the skin you inherited, the darker the circles can appear.

Your skeletal framework: Yet another reason for increased dark circles is prominent cheekbones and deep-set eyes. These create hollow contours below the eyes, the shadow of which give the illusion of darkened skin under the eyes even though they are really not present.

Pigmentation can occur with age, when the tiny capillaries in the skin get weakened and thus leaky. The fluid from these leaky capillaries along with the hemoglobin slowly accumulates below the eyes, thereby forming the look of dark circles.

Hormonal Changes and Allergies: Any condition that causes the eyes to itch can contribute to darker circles due to rubbing or scratching the skin around them. Hay fever sufferers particularly will notice under-eye "smudges" during the height of the allergy season. Some food allergies can also cause the area under the eyes to appear darker.

The combined effect of inflammation, chronic sun damage and the downward pull of gravity on dark under eye circles result in to the puffiness, popularly know as the "bags under the eyes".

Skin Care Tip

Give yourself a microdermabrasion treatment at least once a week to scrub away old, dead cells that collect on the surface of the skin.

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Don't despair!
There are lots of very effective ways
to treat dark under
eye circles...

First take a look at the effective Intensive Under Eye Treatments

Then try these strategies for treating dark circles:

There are strategies available to cure and eliminate dark circles in addition to the ones that you may have learned from your grandmother. Here are some options that have been proven effective in treating those dark circles.

Masking with cosmetics:
Quick and reliable, this method simply demands you covering up your dark circles with a yellow base to counteract the blue tones in your skin.

Use your Grandmother's tricks:
Place cool cucumbers or moist, cool tea bags on your eyes. This method is effective in reducing inflammation because of the tannic acid present in the tea.

Eat a healthy diet:
Taking in a diet right in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin K is helpful in reducing the dark circles.  A combination of topical Vitamin A by products like retinol along with Vitamin K can be also be helpful.

It is actually possible to get fat deposited under the eyes if your dark circles are caused by thin skin. This is a radical yet effective cure.

Using Ocuderm:
Ocuderm offers a technologically advanced way to fade dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes. You apply it around the eye area in a gentle circular motion. Regular use results in fading and thereby completely eliminating dark circles and puffiness under the eye.

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Author: Kamau Austin is a health and fitness enthusiast and advocate. He writes on a regular basis on timeless health and fitness tips at the Fit After Forty Blog. See more useful health and fitness news and tips at Health and Fitness Vitality.

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