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Best Lip Plumpers
Perricone Lip Plumper Rated 5 Stars as Best Lip Plumper for Long-Lasting Results

Just what the Doctor recommends for fuller lips:
Perricone MD Lip Plumper
So what are the best lip plumpers?

Well, the best lip plumper is the one that works the best of course!
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It's all about the RESULTS. . .

Great Long-Lasting Results!

If you are looking for more than temporary results (usually an hour or two) then check-out the Perricone lip plumper. It is specifically formulated as an anti-aging treatment to provide long-lasting lip plumping results.

Unlike other lip plumping treatments, this one is specially formulated using anti-aging ingredients like DMAE and ALA which work at the cellular level to restore fullness and contour to thinning, aging lips while reducing those pesky fine lines.

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Perricone Lip Plumper

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It's rated one of the best lip plumpers!  It's also proven to be an excellent anti-aging treatment to firm and plump up those aging lips:

Typically, lip plumpers contain ingredients that will irritate the lips
enough to cause irritation and swelling.

You'll see ingredients on the labels of some of the best lip plumper
products that contain capsacin (found in spicy chili peppers), caffeine, menthol, cinnamon or even snake venom.

Unfortunately, none of those ingredients can come close to  providing the lush fullness of Angelina JoLie's lips, but they can produce a mild swelling effect for an hour or two.

Important Note:
Sadly, the Perricone lip plumper is not going to give you immediate results.

Like any other anti-aging treatment, the results will be cumulative over time. So if you are impatient, by all means, use a good OTC lip plumper along with the Perricone lip plumper until you see your lips start to firm and become younger, healthier and fuller.

But your patience (and fuller, revitalized and younger looking lips) will be well rewarded. . .

Dr. Perricone Lip Plumper

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