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Professional Skin Care Product
It's the Newest ANSR to Facial Rejuvenation

The "BEAM" provides consumers with a quality professional skin care product facial laser treatment approved for home use.

It is the first time that Scientists have refined the blue and the red phototherapy light wave frequencies into one little powerhouse of a DIY facial laser unit.

The ANSR Beam facial laser treatment devise is a professional skin care product specifically designed for home use.

This unique laser light therapy devise combines the advantages of both the low wavelength (blue) to treat acne while the longer (red) wavelength stimulates collagen production and facial rejuvenation.

Cosmetology Clinics have used facial laser treatment devises for years as a standard for rejuvenating symptoms of aging skin, treating acne, psoriasis and eczema. The medical uses of laser light therapy range from protocols for pain, joint disorders, reducing inflammation and neonatal jaundice to seasonal affective disorders, and Parkinson's disease.

Prior to the introduction of the ANSR DIY Home laser facial laser treatment called the "Beam", two separate facial lasers were necessary; one to treat acne and the other for rejuvenation.

Formerly, the DIY home models of laser light therapy devises were well known to be somewhat pricey.  The expense of purchasing both types of facial lasers, one with the blue and the other the red wave length range from $600 to close to $1,000.

Even though that sounds like a breath-taking amount, DIY home laser light therapy still represents a dramatic savings from professional laser light therapy treatments.  Cosmetologists and Facial Rejuvenation Clinics start at $500 for a single phototherapy session to thousands of dollars for the series of sessions needed to treat chronic rosacea or severe acne.

With the startling advances in science and technology these days, the ANSR photorejuvenation "Beam" includes both the red and blue light spectrums all for about $150. Such a bargain!

*TIP: The ANSR website offers a great comparison chart comparing the features of the 5 most popular home DIY facial lasers.
It's extremely revealing (to say the least). . .

How the ANSR Beam works:

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