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~ New Anti-Aging Serum Skin
Rejuvenation Treatment ~

Lena is a huge fan of the new Eternal Spring Serum. 
Here's why. . .

Skin Care ReviewLena's skin care review of the new  anti-aging serum; an all natural skin rejuvenation treatment that is different than any other antiaging skin product.

My Dad, (Dr. Win Chiou), is a world-renowned pharmaceutical scientist in his field of Pharmacokinetics (absorption of drugs in the body). He was appointed to the FDA panel to review different products and therapies and has over 40 years of experience in research and development. 

Never in a million years would I have predicted that my Dad would invent anything in the beauty and skin care industry!  

Nor would I have ever anticipated that I would be writing a skin care review on an antiaging skin product that he developed!

You see, at one point, I saw my Dad as a typical absent-minded professor.

The pocket-protector, bald-head and thick, black-framed glasses gave it away.

His mind was constantly at work.

On the infrequent occasion one could pull him away from his research, you would find a very pleasant, practical, and gentle character.

For over 30 years, his research and teachings were in the area of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.
While most assume it's related to drug substances, it also pertains to any compound taken orally, or delivered externally to your body, such as nutrients, hormones, toxins, etc.

My Dad became one of the world's leading scientist in this area. He obtained his first patent (by creating a drug called Gris-Peg to treat fungus infections such as Athlete's foot) before he turned 30, wrote hundreds of articles, and even got an equation named after him that hospitals still use today to determine the correct dosage for patients of certain drugs.

He served on the editorial boards of 8 scientific journals, as well as on the FDA's Generic Drugs Committee and Expert Panel for many, many years. Retirement was coming and I remember wondering what my Dad would do with all of his extra time. He hated traveling, didn't have any hobbies, never did much socializing, and rarely took vacation because he was always working.

But love can do amazing things.

Yes, indeed!  

My skin care review starts off as a love story. . .

Inspired by his new-found love, he now travels everywhere, he is constantly attending various social events, and he has taken up a new hobby- dancing!

Then, after seeing how frustrated his new "tai tai" (the word for wife in Chinese) was with all of the expensive anti-aging skin care solutions and all the different skin rejuvenation treatments on the market, he was motivated to help her find a better way to stay young-looking.

The good news is that through encouragement of family and friends, the antiaging skin product he developed is now commercially available for others to use.

My Skin Care Review of the Eternal Spring
Anti-Aging Serum. . .

There are 3 key differences that make my Dad's anti-aging serum very unique.
Hope You Like It!
And +1 it too!  :-)

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First, my dad attacks the problem of skin-aging in a totally different way. Most focus on preventing skin-aging through diet, cell repair, and the use of sunscreen.

As a result, they use anti-oxidants and other types of ingredients to try to combat and prevent cell damage. While this may contribute to the slowing down of skin-aging, it is only part of the issue.

The main cause of skin-aging, according to my Dad, is the 1% reduction per year of cardiac output that begins around age 25 through about age 50 or 60.

This means that the nutrients that you are trying to take in through diet are not effectively getting to the outer layers of your skin and those wanting to slow skin-aging need to start doing something about it at the ripe age of 25.

My Dad's solution. . .

To find a way to get these nutrients to absorb topically through your skin.

Eternal Spring Serum Skin Care Review Fact #1:
Ensure the Effective Absorption of Active Anti-Aging Ingredients and Essential Nutrients through the layers of skin.

And with my Dad's background, he knew exactly how to do that.

The second uniqueness in my Dad's anti-aging serum is with the ingredients themselves. There are hundreds of anti-aging products that focus on a single vitamin (such as vitamin C serum) or collagen synthesizer, or a flower or herb that is gaining attention for its medicinal properties.

My Dad believes the human body is an incredible miracle. If you build up your immune system to be able to function properly, it can fight off many diseases and infections on its own.

So why not just work NATURALLY in the way your body already functions to keep the skin soft, healthy and hydrated?

He knew which ingredients were essential for COMPREHENSIVE nutrition to the skin, and more importantly, HOW to effectively get those nutrients to penetrate through your skin.

Eternal Spring Serum Skin Care Review Fact #2:
Use an Effective Combination of Natural Nutrients to Actively Stimulate the Skin Rejuvenation Process.

It's the difference between drinking orange drink (which may contain ascorbic acid or vitamin C) and eating a complete balanced meal (where you get the WHOLE benefit including other nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber).

The third unique characteristic to my Dad's anti-aging serum is the formulation of those ingredients to keep your efforts to slow skin-aging as simple as possible.

There is no need for additional moisturizers, or a separate product for around your eyes.

Furthermore, he believes the moisturization you receive through applying Eternal Spring Serum actually lasts longer than other moisturizers on the market.

While many other moisturizers contain water, their products are not formulated to allow the water to penetrate through the skin for hydration. More often than not, the water in their products evaporate into the air, much like a puddle of water evaporates quickly in the sun.

Eternal Spring Serum Skin Care Review Fact #3:
Slow the Skin Aging Process by Improving Overall Skin Health.

The Eternal Spring Serum is one simple skin rejuvenation treatment that acts as a moisturizer and anti-aging serum altogether. Many other companies require their customers to buy 2,3, 4 or even more different products.

My Dad's antiaging skin product is ONE simple skin rejuvenation treatment with guaranteed results.

With the 180 day money back guarantee, he is confident that users will appreciate the value and results of Eternal Spring Serum.

It is very special to know that my Dad has invented something which blesses so many people. I am very proud of his accomplishments to write this skin care review of his wonderful anti-aging serum.  I firmly believe he has so much more potential to contribute in the area of skin care; even as he turns 72 this year!

For the most part, my Dad looks the same as he did 20 years ago (maybe dressing a bit more fashionably these days thanks to his new "tai tai"). But I definitely don't look at him the same way as I did 20 years ago!

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