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Angie Explains How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow to Get Thicker, Longer Lashes!

revitalash eyelash enhancerRevitalash is an eyelash enhancer. Have you ever tried one?

Do you want to know how to make your eyelashes grow for longer lashes?

I can tell you how to go about growing your eyelashes- try an Eyelash Enhancer!

I've always wanted fuller, longer lashes but didn't know that there were products that helped in growing eyelashes until I heard about Revita-lash.

I have thin, short, blond eyelashes that I have tried to make look fuller, longer and thicker.

I swear that over the years I have tried at least 400 different kinds of mascara to achieve the look that I'd like.

While this does work well, I do need several coats to achieve the look I want which can take quite a bit of time.

I have also tried false eyelashes which was a complete disaster along with lash extensions which look great for about three days until they start to fall off one by one. (They are amazingly expensive too and need to be redone frequently!)

So along comes my college roommate whom I haven't seen in a few years looking gorgeous with long, thick sweeping lashes.

I stared.

Mostly because she had the exact same problem as I do. Short, blond, stubby, thin lashes! I admit that I dived right into pumping her for her secret. Were they real?

What kind of mascara was she using? How come they look so soft and natural without the clumpy chunks of black goo that I inevitably get when I layer on mascara.

She told me about how to make your eyelashes grow on their own with eyelash enhancers to get thicker, longer lashes.

And they work!

In another word, WOW!

I was amazed and wondered if it would do the same for my pitiful short, sparse lashes.

Can you tell how excited I am?

She did tell me that she had gotten a prescription from her Doctor for Latisse (FDA approved) eyelash treatment, another type of eyelash enhancer, at first but got worried about the reports of side effects that can include a change in eye color, discoloration on the eyelid, itchiness, irritation and redness.

So she told me she tried Revitalash.

It doesn't require a prescription either but you can only get it at authorized spa or cosmetic dealers. Well, needless to say after using this eyelash enhancer for the past five months, my lashes have become longer and thicker. (I think they are a little darker too.)

Now instead of using it everyday, I only need to use it twice a week for maintenance. To be perfectly honest, I didn't get the dramatic effects that my friend had but I am very happy with the improvement I see.

I haven't even needed to get a new one yet either since it apparently lasts quite a long time.

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If you want longer lashes I would give this product a hearty thumbs up!

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