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Facial Cleansers
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Facial Cleansers

Facial Cleansers

Finding the right facial cleanser for your skin type is not only the first but the most important step in any skin care regimen.
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Soaps are very harsh on aging skin. Most soaps tend to strip the natural oils from the skin and can destroy the barriers that serve to protect the skin from daily exposure to the elements.

A face wash that is homemade is a much gentler and affordable option.

Not only does washing your face remove dead skin cells, oil build up, dissolve impurities and the small particles of dirt that collect on the surface of the skin but cleansing the skin also improves circulation, protects against break-outs and stimulates skin cell renewal.

Of course we all know that younger skin generates cell renewal much faster than older skin, which makes carefully caring for aging skin all that more important.

Who knew you could accomplish so much by simply washing your face?

Natural skin care cleanser recipes do not typically include a foaming agent. If you want some foaming action, simply add a small dab of a rich emollient based face wash product like Aveeno's soy cleanser or a Burt Bee's natural skin cleanser.

Facial Cleansers 3Choose natural ingredients that are fresh and at the peak of ripeness.

Oily skin types will want to lean towards a facial cleanser that has an acid base such as a citrus fruit.

Sensitive skin will benefit ingredients rich in emollients as well as from the healing properties provided by aloe vera and green tea.

Making your own natural facial cleansers ensures that the daily build-up of debris is gently washed away without stripping away the skin's essential natural attributes.

To maximize the benefits of using a natural facial cleanser, apply your homemade recipe to warm moist skin.

Use a circular motion to gently massage the skin with the cleanser, then rinse well.

This face wash strategy will ensure a deep cleansing of clogging debris from the pores which will leave the skin ultra clean, soft and supple.

Gently pat away the excess moisture, never wipe, because over time this can stretch the tissue which inevitably lead to sagging skin and those dreaded wrinkles.

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Skin Care Tip

Facial steaming prior to using a face wash will open the pores for a deeper cleansing.

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