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Under Eye Bags

by C.A.T.

Take a Look at Natural Under Eye Bag Treatments!

Take a Look at Natural Under Eye Bag Treatments!

I have struggled with under eye bags for years. The more my allergies kick-up the worse they become.

In addition to using OTC products, (especially those that contain a good amount of vitamin K), I freeze potato wedges and use them to reduce both the swelling and the dark circles.

Although there are many alternatives to getting rid of under eye bags such as freezing cucumber slices, tea bags, or even slices of citrus fruits such as lemon or limes, the secret is to start putting cold compresses on as soon as you notice the circles developing.

That way you can treat them before they get really obnoxious!

I have to say that I find that potato wedges work the best for me. Supposedly there is some kind of enzyme or something in potatoes that actually helps to treat the dark circles.

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Editor's Note:

C.A.T. what a great tip! There are so many natural skin care treatments that are amazingly effective in addressing aging skin concerns, aren't there!

For those that aren't inclined towards natural remedies there are a variety of OTC treatments that are quite effective.

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Dark Under Eye Bags
by: Arnie

Do laser treatment work? Has anyone had any experience with using laser to get rid of the darkness under the eye?

Dark Under Eye Bags
by: Betsy

Mine under eye bags were almost black and more puffy than you could believe. They were so bad that I finally went to have a laser treatment. That worked really, really well for a long time!

Spot treatments with laser facial therapy are much cheaper than a full face too and provide instant gratification.

Dark Under Eye Circles and Bags
by: Ana

I struggled to find something that would really make a big difference over the long term because my under eye bags get very dark, almost black looking.

My dermatologist suggested IPL treatments which I tried. They work great and give me instant gratification because the IPL simply gets rid of all the discoloring.

I do find that I have to go back every handful of months but it's so much better now.

IPL for the dark under eye circles and ice for the swollen under eye bags are what works best for me.

Natural Under Eye Treatments
by: Raye

Very interesting C.A.T.!

A friend told me that you can also use Nori seaweed, the kind they use for Sushi rolls for an under eye treatment.

She softens them first then puts a little aloe gel- (she freshly squeezes the gel from an aloe plant)- on two small pieces of the seaweed, freezes them for about 10 minutes and places those on her under eye bags!

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