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Skin Care Recipes for Sensitive Skin, Simple Homemade Facials

by Divya

Skin Care Recipes and Simple Homemade Facial Recipes

Skin Care Recipes and Simple Homemade Facial Recipes

Hi Sue,

Your website is simply awesome! I love to use natural products on my skin. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I'd love to know some skin care recipes for sensitive skin that are simple homemade facials

Here's my question: I have read a lot of times that Avocado has amazing properites that are good for skin.

Can you suggest an alternative fruit/natural product easily available in tropical countries?


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Sensitive Skin Care Thanks
by: Anonymous


Sensitive Skin Care Recipes
by: Sue

Hi Divya,

Wow! That's a tough question. I have to be honest and tell you that I am not an expert on all fruits from different regions around the world. (Sorry...)

What I can suggest is that you can compare the properties of the avocado to those fruits native to your region to determine if something similar exists.

The avocado is rich in natural antioxidants and many different vitamins including vitamins B, E and K. It is an emollient that easily penetrates through the layers of skin and promotes healing and cell regeneration.

Avocados are known to help reduce age spots, heal scars and treat very dry skin as well as many different skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

I wonder if you can order fresh avocados on line and a few shipped now and then? Or perhaps find an over-the-counter natural skin treatment that uses a strong concentration of avocado? (I know that's not nearly as beneficial as making your own skin care recipe but perhaps as a last resort?)

Does anyone else have any ideas for Divya?


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