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Galvanic Facial
The DIY Microcurrent Facelift That Literally
Eliminates Facial Wrinkles and Firms Sagging Skin

Spa Facial Treatment - Your Wrinkle IronSave a ton of money on your galvanic facial devise using any one of these three great cost saving strategies.

This microcurrent facelift actually works wonders to visibly reduces facial wrinkles after the very first galvanic treatment.

As you know, this is my all time favorite DIY facial spa devise that I fondly refer to as my amazing wrinkle iron. Because it really works to give fabulous results quickly; reducing fine lines, facial wrinkles, plumping, firming and toning all in one treatment.

I have to confess though, I'm a little bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

Since it took me a few weeks to understand that there are three excellent strategies that you can use in order to dramatically generate instant savings for yourself, I thought you might want to know how you can save a ton of money on your galvanic facial treatment devise too!

I know that some people quickly figure these things out. . .

I just don't happen to be one of them. :-(

So if you are like me, I'm happy to share the three excellent ways to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing your handy dandy little marvelous galvanic treatment devise a.k.a. your facial wrinkles iron.

Strategy #1.   For Great Savings:

The first strategy is to enroll yourself in the Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) for your monthly supply of galvanic facial treatment gels and any other products that you've selected to address your particular skin concerns. (I happen to also be a fan of the line corrector that is used along with the galvanic devise as an additional treatment specifically targeted for facial wrinkles.)

It's a great add-on treatment that works to give even better results when used along with the special treatment gels that are used with the microcurrent facelift.

Simply by enrolling in the ADR program you are immediately awarded a "preferred customer" status which provides you with an automatic discount on all your purchases, access to special promotions, and enrollment in the "product points" program.

Here's the key to this strategy:
It's kind of like a buy one, get one free deal depending on the amount of points your account generates or like those reward programs that many supermarkets, department stores and pharmacies have now-a-days.

Simply use the "shop" link to order the galvanic treatment gel "ADR" item along with your galvanic devise and you are good to go!

Strategy #2.   For Even Better Savings:

Strategy number two is to enroll in the distributor program.

This allows you to purchase all the galvanic facial products at wholesale prices, even if you only end up using them for yourself! (Wholesale prices are at least 20% off the retail price and the saving on many items are even way more than that!)

For the galvanic devise alone the wholesale price is
almost $75 less than the retail price!

To become a distributor you either need to make an initial investment of $25 by ordering the distributor business packet or sign-up for a distributor website.

Use the "Get Started" link to sign-up to be a distributor:

That way you will recoup well over your initial investment of $25 with your very first order.

If you decide to actively promote the microcurrent facelift galvanic devise then go for the website route. It's easy. (Really!)

If you can fill out an online order form then starting your own galvanic distributor website is a cake-walk. Just complete the fill in the blanks website template and Viola you have just started your own galvanic facial distributor site.

Like I have right here:

My Galvanic Facial Website

Special Note:
You do have to pay a hosting fee if you choose the website distributor option but you have a choice to pay for your site on a monthly or annual basis.

As you are going to quickly discover, your friends and families are going to want to do the microcurrent facelift galvanic facials for themselves once they see how great your skin looks! When your family and friends notice how your facial wrinkles and fine lines disappear and your skin has become firmer and more toned just by using your amazing little wrinkle iron you will have the ability to place an order for them through your distributor account.

You will not only earn a commission on the sale you will also earn even more product points that you redeem for yourself!
By enrolling as a distributor of galvanic facial products you give yourself a fabulous opportunity to build a great and profitable side business.

Actually, it's a nice, no pressure, easy business where you invest as much or as little time as you want. It's also a little side business where you can potentially earn quite a significant income. (Really!)

Strategy #3.  The Best Option for Really HUGE Savings:

Do both options #1 and #2 as described above!

Sign-up to be a distributor; whether you intend to market the galvanic or not. Place your order for your microcurrent facelift and facial wrinkles iron along with the "ADR" treatment gels and you will recoup your entire upfront expense for your entire order in no time at all!

Did you see the FoxNews review of the
galvanic facial devise yet?

What you see in this video is what really happens when you use the spa devise:

I have to tell you that I am the Queen of all Skeptics but I am truly and 100% impressed with the results that I see each and every time I give myself a galvanic treatment. My facial wrinkles plump out and are fading away, fine lines vanish and sagging skin firms more and more after every treatment.

I can honestly say that this is the best DIY
facial rejuvenation devise ever!  

I love the results I get with each galvanic facial treatment and I know that you will too. (In all honesty, this is my all time favorite home spa devise).

As I constantly remind visitors to my website,
"If you want results, you really need to use what works!"


If you ever have any questions please feel free to use my contact form and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy Rejuvenating!


P.S. This is the link to get started ironing away your wrinkles:
See how well it works?
Along with a comprehensive anti-aging regimen the wrinkle iron really does work wonders!
Me at 54 years young. . .

Galvanic Facial Results

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