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Collagen Induction Therapy
~ Consumer Review ~

Collagen Induction TherapyHello Ladies,

Have you wondered if collagen induction therapy, also referred to as skin needling is a worthwhile medical needling procedure for facial rejuvenation?

(Yes, it most certainly is!)

But to be perfectly honest, I have learned that there aren't too many people who are even aware of what skin needling is, never mind wonder if it is a worthwhile treatment for aging skin concerns!

Just for a little background information, I'm a beautician and have worked in an upscale day spa for well over two decades.

The spa offers an extensive menu of skin treatment options for everything ranging from acne scarring and cellulite to facial rejuvenation and stretch marks.

The collagen induction therapy or more commonly known as medical skin needling, is by far becoming one of our most popular treatments because it treats so many different skin concerns.

But listen...

This spa procedure, also referred to as skin needling, is one that you can do all by yourself right at home too!

Just so you know,
micro skin needling is a medical cosmetic procedure approved by the FDA.

The major difference between professional medical collagen induction therapy and the DIY skin needling devises is the length of the needles. (Home skin needling devices should not have needles any longer than 1.5mm in length.)

Skin needling is a great procedure that produces remarkable results for the removal or treatment of . . .

  • Scarring (including the removal of acne scars)
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hair Loss
  • Aging Skin

Collagen induction therapy works on the simple principle of stimulating collagen and elastin production by forcing the dermis into a wound healing response to the trauma induced by the micro punctures of the skin needling procedure.

Important Note:

Results are NOT instantaneous! It will take upwards of several months for the results to become fully apparent because it takes some time for the body to show the effects of the new collagen that is generated as a result of this procedure.

Now for the good news ladies. . .

Although I do appreciate the fact that it is a wonderfully decadent treat to go to the spa to be pampered, I hear from my clients all the time that they wish they had the budget to come every week so they will see the results they seek much sooner.

Just like myself, I know that not everyone has an endless supply of disposable income; especially in this difficult economy.

And what goes out the window first?

Your monthly spa pampering sessions. . .

So, just recently I have convinced the owner of the spa I work for to offer a variety of DIY home spa options to our clients. You know, the spa treatments that actually give results and are worthwhile to take the time to do them yourself.

We now have a complete line of facial masks, peels and such along with a selection of home microdermabrasion devises, home lasers for not only facial treatments but hair removal.

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matrixyl Matrixyl 3000
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We've just added the Scientia Derma Skin Roller skin needling devise to our growing DIY home spa treatment options so our clients now can use the collagen induction therapy technique themselves.

As you can probably imagine, this is blossoming into wildly popular option at our spa. So much so that we have started to provide hands-on lessons in DIY Home Spa Treatments!

I am so pleased that women who are concerned about their looks and skin concerns have so many options to maintain the treatments that they find effective right at home at a huge savings.

For example, do you know that for far less than the cost of a professional micro skin needling treatment, you can now purchase your own Derma Facial Roller and DIY? The same is true for home microdermabrasion, DIY lasers and many other beneficial spa treatments.

While you might think that our spa bookings would decrease as a result of the introduction of DIY options, the opposite is true. In this highly competitive industry, we are finding that people are now actively seeking out our particular spa!

As a final recommendation:
Skin needling dramatically improves the effectiveness of skin care treatments so select products with ingredients that will help with the renewal process like Vitamin A, C, Matrixyl, and so on. (This site is jammed packed with helpful information on effective anti-aging ingredients so you can't go wrong!)

I hope everyone finds this information is helpful. I have enjoyed this website for the past several years and highly recommend it to my clients all the time.

I thought I'd finally take a minute and make a contribution that would benefit everyone who is interested in adding a few, yet very beneficial DIY spa treatments to their anti-aging skin care regimen.

My Best,


P.S. I'm sending along the link to a video on the Derma Facial Roller that we refer clients to view who have questions about collagen induction therapy (also referred to as skin needling, medical needling or micro needling. . .)


Editor's Note:
Rachel Ray just recently featured the art of derma rolling on her "Human Lab" series to test facial rejuvenation treatments. You can watch the video of this Rachel Ray Show here:

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