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[Skinsational News]: Are you a Skinaholic?
May 04, 2010

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May Issue At-A-Glance:

  • Feature Article: Are you a Skinaholic?
  • Beauty Tip: Steals and Deals!
  • Your Top Secret Facial Treat of the Month: Facial Firming Citrus Mask
  • Skinsational Tip: Treating Those Stubborn Age Spots ~ A Little Dab Will Do 'Ya
  • Skin Care Product Review: The Art of Skin Care Facial Brushing
  • Tips and Tidbits: You Glow Girl

Are You a Skinaholic?

Facial Rejuvenation 1I am!

. . .and very happy to be one. :-)

Typically the definition of "aholic" attributes goes hand-in-hand with an immediate and negative connotation. It's not too surprising then that when people consider any trait or term that ends with "aholic" the first thought is some sort of incurable, long lasting, debilitating disorder, doesn't it?
(Except for chocoholics of course!)

Well, I happen to be an excellent example that being considered an "aholic" can actually be a quality to be proud of and you can be too!

In a nutshell, the most basic definition of "aholic" is ". . .someone who exhibits an obsessive need for or interest in something specific".

I've long been a confirmed SKINAHOLIC and couldn't be happier that I have developed an obsession with DIY anti-aging skin care over the past few decades.

Do you know why?

Because at 54 years young, my skin feels great and still looks quite youthful, healthy and vibrant. That's proof positive for me that dedication to a comprehensive facial rejuvenation regimen does produce very significant and long term results.

I highly recommend that literally everyone, male and female alike, become a Skinaholic!

By testing, experimenting, and learning all I can about clinically proven active anti-aging ingredients, trends, techniques, strategies, and treatments throughout the years my skin has, without a doubt, benefited tremendously from my passionate skinaholic habits.

Unlike a debilitating addictive disorder like alcoholism that is typically characterized by compulsive, uncontrollable abuse resulting in physiological disorders and damage to almost every organ in the body; a Skinaholic reaps huge benefits over the long term in the form of achieving great results from the compulsive use of facial rejuvenation treatments, techniques and strategies.

Although I'm not at all opposed to the more invasive cosmetic rejuvenating procedures that many women my age seek for a more youthful appearance such as botox, collagen injections and those 5 minute "lifestyle" face-lifts, I honestly haven't felt the need or desire to explore those options (yet!)

As many of you already know from the "About Me" page on the website, I have an identical twin sister.

Since the time we turned 40, Chris started pursuing the more medically invasive cosmetic procedures to keep her appearance younger looking while I have not.

Let me tell you, for those first few years after my twin's first deep CO2 peel, filler injections, IPL laser treatments and botox; I felt like a pitifully aged-afflicted hag that looked like the "before" version in those facial rejuvenation ads while Chris was the lovely, captivating "After" version.

So the race was on!

I began to feverishly nurture my blossoming traits to become a confirmed Skinaholic!

I certainly wasn't going to let myself become an old, haggard, splotchy, sagging, wrinkly looking crone and have to endure years of comparisons when side-by-side next to my lovely looking youthful twin; that's for sure.

Even though it did take me several years of research and experimenting to "catch up", I can now honestly say that when Chris and I compare our faces, the differences are now negligible.

Now promise you won't tell that I told you, but she's even had that "Life Style" lift (twice) along with a multitude of assorted other invasive cosmetic procedures! As a matter of fact, my twin has unwittingly demonstrated to me which cosmetic procedures NEVER to have done, even if I was remotely interested.

For example, I can confidently say that. . .

  • Lip plumping injections can make you look like Daffy Duck and not at all like Angelina Jolie.
  • Too much Botox may give you a wrinkle free forehead but it can also freeze the muscles to the extent that it renders any expressive ability non-existent.
  • Even a minor eye-lift can dramatically change the shape and size of your eyes to leave you with a mildly "surprised" expression all the time.
  • Deep CO2 laser procedures can eliminate skin pigment leaving white splotches.
  • The "5 Minute Life Style Lift" (even when done 2X's) doesn’t seem to do much of anything at all.
Nope, none of those options are for me.

I have found that embracing the attributes of a Skinaholic is far more satisfying and preferable to those invasive and assorted procedures of a cosmetic surgery addict. (Think Joan Rivers and the late Michael Jackson as the extreme examples. . . YUK!)

I happen to find that devoting myself to a comprehensive skin rejuvenating regimen is every bit as good in achieving the results I want for healthy, youthful skin and it provides a w-a-y more natural appearance!

So what are your thoughts? We'd all love to know what you think. Please feel free to share your opinion and your most beneficial "Skinaholic" characteristics with us all on the Skin Care Forum:
Share Your "Skinaholic" Traits

New Resources for Free Beauty Product Samples

We've added to our growing list of great resources for free beauty and skin care product samples, special offers, and coupon discounts:
Free Skin Care Product Samples and Coupons

Look for this month's new Steals and Deals which include:

  • Instant Wrinkle Remover by Heidi Klum
  • Free Trial for ProActiv Solutions
  • Sheer Cover 30 Day Into. Kit
  • Galvanic Spa

Facial Firming Citrus Mask

skin care recipesI particularly love this natural skin care recipe because it works so well in tightening the skin, brightening your overall complexion and leaving the face silky soft! This recipe is a great facial mask for those hot summer days when your face gets all oily since it also works like a "wick" to draw out all the excess oil from the skin.

  • 1 egg white whipped into firm peaks
  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon of pure cane sugar
  • 1/8 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
Once the egg white is whipped into stiff peaks, slowly add the cornstarch and sugar until completely incorporated. Drizzle in the grapefruit juice a dash at a time with the mixer on high to create a light, fluffy mixture.

Using a massaging motion, apply a light coating all over the entire face and forehead. Put up your feet and relax for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse well with warm water. Any remaining mixture will keep in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Treating Those Stubborn Age Spots!
A Little Dab with Do 'Ya. . .

wrinkle treatments Have you heard of the "The Wrinkle Cure" by Dr. Perricone, clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine?

It is a very popular book on facial rejuvenation that highlights the best remedies for treating the symptoms of aging skin.

Most of the book focuses on the power of antioxidants and how they work to promote younger, healthier skin.

Among many other anti-aging treatments, Dr. Perricone explains how citric acid works as an effective skin treatment on a host of aging skin conditions. In particular, he recommends one very simple strategy for treating age spots-> Vitamin C.

The antioxidants attributes in Vitamin C along with the bleaching qualities of the citric acid work to diminish those spots that continue to darken with exposure to the sun.

A quick and easy natural approach is to treating age spots is to simply use a little squeeze of fresh orange juice on the tip of a cotton swab to dab on the spots. Another simple strategy is to purchase a pure liquid Vitamin C or poking a pin hole in Vitamin C capsules. You can find either of these options in the natural isle of any larger discount department store or whole food markets.

Just remember. . . A little dab will do 'ya!

The Art of Facial Skin Care Brushing

The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

For those wanting to reduce pore size, decrease blackheads and even-out skin tone, this DIY home spa devise was tailored made for you!

These are the specifics along with a demonstration video on the Clarisonic Facial Scrub Brush.

Over 80% of the 641 women submitting reviews on the ever popular "Beauty Forum" highly recommend this particular facial skin brush using "sonic technology" despite the rather high price tag. ($200ish).

Here's a quick snapshot summarizing the reviews:

  • Delivers big on promise to provide a deep pore cleansing in addition to easily exfoliating away dead skin.
  • Gentle enough for daily use.
  • The home model is the exact same as the standard model used at professional spas.
  • Beauty aficionados overwhelmingly rank it as one of the best over-all skin care tools that produces long term results with consistent use.
  • Significant improvement reported in reducing pore size, evening out skin texture and skin tone as well as a dramatic reduction in blackheads.
  • Works well with any all types of facial cleansers.
  • Accessories for normal and sensitive skin brushes are included.
  • Great customer service: prompt, reliable and very responsive to consumers.
  • The 30 day money back guarantee is a great incentive to provide a long enough trial period in order to see visible results.

You Glow Girl!

Tory shares her results with skin needling:
Making Your Skin Glow. . .
(Remember that torturous barbaric looking facial spa devise?)
Thanks for sharing Tory!

Next Month. . .

, The June Newsletter features some surprising answers to the. . .
Most Frequently Asked Questions on Facial Rejuvenation so don't miss it!

Have a beauty filled day!

Until next month. . .

Skinsationally Yours,


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