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[Skinsational News] March Skin Care Madness
March 04, 2009

It's your Skinsational News!

Welcome to your March edition of Skinsational topics that will keep your skin looking younger, healthier, and absolutely gorgeous!

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In this issue:

  • Featured Article ~ March Skin Care Madness
  • What's in Your Beauty Toolbox?
  • Turn Your Skin Upside Down
  • Your Special "Top Secret" Facial Treat
  • The Beauty Budget Corner
  • Rejuvenating Product Review

Take the Madness Out of Your Skin Care Regimen
~ Protect, Restore and Nourish! ~

Put the three simple secrets of effective anti-aging skin care to work for your skin.

Protect: The single best strategy to keep your skin as young looking as possible is to protect it from damage.

Over time, it is sun damage that takes the worst toll on skin. Skin damage is cumulative, literally destroying the skin at little at a time over the course of decades! It is important to faithfully protect your skin by using sun screening products with both UVA and UBA protection. The sooner you start the better!

Restore: It is simply impossible to escape all the effects of aging although you can slow the process considerably with a proactive approach to caring for your skin. Providing your skin with treatments that contain age fighting antioxidants is a good start. Select products that include active anti-aging ingredients rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Co-Q10, green tea, and copper peptides.

Nourish: Supplying the skin with a range of essential nutrients serves to "feed" your skin a balanced array of vitamins and minerals which provides your skin the resources it needs to continue to look its very best.

Choosing skin care treatments loaded with valuable active anti-aging ingredients ensures that skin will receive the nutrients it needs to remain healthier and younger looking.

And don't forget that an anti-aging lifestyle that includes a healthy well-balanced diet, plenty of exercise, and at least 7 to 8 hours of "beauty" sleep each night goes a long way to promote younger looking skin as well!

Read more: Skin Rejuvenation

~ Beauty Tip ~

What's in your beauty toolbox?

F.K.L. shares her opinion on the best beauty tools to be sure to have in your beauty toolbox: Best Beauty Tools

~Rejuvenating Advice ~
Upside Down Skin Care

Have you ever wondered what you will look like as you age?

Try this trick. . .

Sit down and place a mirror on your lap. Position your face in a horizontal position directly above the mirror. Now tip yourself forward and look into the mirror upside down. Your reflection will give you a clear indication on how your face will appear as it ages.

Scary, huh? Doesn't your image give you the incentive to take a proactive approach and begin a skin rejuvenation regime sooner rather than later?

Now hold a mirror horizontally above your face and look upwards into the mirror. You'll now see how much younger you could look by addressing your aging skin issues. Some also say that the reflection of yourself as you look upwards into the mirror is what you would look like if you had a facelift.

~ Your "Top Secret" Special Skin Care Facial Treat ~

It's About Thyme

When used in natural skin care recipes, the herb thyme has antiseptic and antibacterial properties along with several anti-aging attributes. Herbal remedies use thyme as a main ingredient to treat sores and inflammation.

Thyme is also an excellent home remedy in treating acne. The herb has a rich history of medicinal uses in treating a variety of ailments.

For a reviving and cleansing skin care treatment mash thyme leaves, add a sprinkle of cornstarch, then drizzle in enough cider vinegar to form into a thin paste.

Pat the mixture on the face and let set for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water. Save any unused portion in refrigerator for 3 to 4 days.

More natural treatments: Natural Skin Care Recipes

~ The Beauty Budget Corner ~

Skin Care Samples ~ Skin Care Collectables!

Now who doesn't like free? Skin care samples are an excellent strategy in determining what works the best in addressing your specific aging skin concerns.

Not to mention that it can also be fun to experiment, for free of course!

Samples are great because they fit easily into your purse for a quick skin care treatment during the day. Keep some in your car, in your desk at work, or fill up your travel bag.

There are several ways that are quite easy to start collecting your own skin care samples and coupons. Check out this comprehensive listing of great resources for freebies and samples as well as great steals and deals on many of the newest product and popular brands.

You will be able to try out new products as well as get great deals on many quality skin treatments. You'll save a ridiculous amount of money too. You'll love the savings and your skin will enjoy the pampering!

~ Facial Rejuvenation Product Review ~

Dottie submitted her product review of the dermaseptic device. She uses the device to treat cold sores before they start to erupt. Dottie begins using the dermaseptic device on the cold sore the moment she begins to feel that first tell-tale tingling sensation so she can cure the infection right from the start.

This prevents the cold sore from developing enough to break through the surface of the skin.

Next month will feature April Skin Care Fools!
(You know. All the "what NOT to do's" to your skin!)

Until next month. . .

Have a Skinsational Day,


P.S. We have received quite a bit of feedback over the course of the last few months wanting to know more details about the SKin Care Resource Center. Here are answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions:

A Little About The Skin Care Resource Center. . .

Sue has a Masters degree in Education from Boston University, is an avid researcher and a relentless bargain hunter. As an educator, data analyzer, and consumer advocate, Sue combined these skills to unravel the mysteries of anti-aging skin care and rejuvenation strategies, (and to share these simple secrets with you), into a one stop e-learning based website dedicated to facial rejuvenation, the Skin Care Resource Center.

Sue's enthusiasm for do-it-yourself skin rejuvenation actually began as a result of a cosmetic procedure her identical twin sister had done after they turned 40. Oh my! Thankfully, Sue's non-invasive skin care strategies work so well that the "before" and "after" look of the twins soon vanished. Proving beyond a doubt how well anti-aging skin care works. Sue and her twin sister's adventures in skin care along with her DIY anti-aging skin care strategies have been featured in Real Simple Magazine's Inspiring Beauty!

Along with DIY facial rejuvenation, Sue combines these strategies with the natural anti-aging properties of organic ingredients to put the powerful attributes of nature to work on aging skin to promote younger, healthier skin. Sue's popular book, Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes brings the power of Mother Nature right into your kitchen to give you younger looking skin.

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