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[Skinsational News]: The Seven Wonders for Beautiful Skin
May 05, 2011

It's Your Skinsational News!

The Seven Wonders of the Anti-Aging Skin Care World for Beautiful Skin

Skin Care News

The 7 "Musts" That Do Wonders!

As you all probably see in the mirror day in and day out, aging skin needs LOTS of attention.

As I frequently point out, if you think about how an aging body requires additional nutrients, vitamins, minerals, calcium and even medication to stay healthy, so does the skin.

Aging Skin Symptoms

Drum roll please. . .

The seven wonders that effectively rejuvenating aging skin are:

  • Hydrators: Emollients that hydrate and/or moisturize
  • Microdermabrasion or Scrubs: Manual exfoliants
  • Vitamin A: Retinol or Retinyl Palmitate
  • Glycolic, Salicylic, or Lactic Acid: Chemical exfoliants
  • Antioxidants: DMAE, Vitamin C, ALA, Copper Peptides, etc.
    (There are Lots of choices in this category)
  • Sunscreen: Protect and prevent from future damage
  • Time: Persistence and patience are rewarded with results!

The Best Skin Care Products web page lists the treatments by active anti-aging ingredient that work wonders to rejuvenate skin.

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Natural Skin Care Recipes

Get Egg on Your Face!

Eggs have a long list of anti-aging properties that naturally work to treat a variety of aging skin conditions.
(And who doesn't have at least one egg in their refrigerator?)

Any of these recipes are quick and easy to whip up:

  • For Normal to Dry Skin: Choose recipes that feature egg yolk to moisturize and enrich the skin with vital nutrients: Hydrating Facial Masks

  • Normal to Oily Skin and Combination Skin Types: Select recipes using egg whites to firm, tone and re-balance the skin like the anti-wrinkle peel:
    Natural Skincare Peels

Now let's have some fun!

While you are relaxing with "egg on your face", why not enter this contest:

  • Dr. Julia Chicken's "Egg on Your Face" Contest.

Pssstt. . .
This is an "Eggcellent" opportunity to win a free e-copy of our popular ebook Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes or our "How to Start Your Own Natural Skin Care Routine" eGuide.

I know you will totally enjoy Dr. Julia Chicken's (aka Lora), a fellow web business colleague, (who is downright hilarious by the way), rather unique "Egg on Your Face" contest.

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Skin Care Product Reviews

Eye Spy Too Many Fine Lines

The delicate area around your eyes benefits significantly from a little bit of special anti-aging skin care attention.

Kinerase is a very mild yet potent active anti- aging skin care ingredient.

It is the perfect choice for any skin type as a facial rejuvenation treatment for keeping the fragile skin surrounding the eye area hydrated and conditioned as well as to address fine lines.

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Skin Care Specials

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday is Your Special Day. . .

After all year long you deserve a day of Pampering!
(Well I sure think all Mother's everywhere do!)

Spa Gift Care

Wouldn't a gift of spa be such a decadently luxurious treat?

Just send your beloved (and/or your children) this link with a big huge HINT!


Next Month. . .

will feature all you need to know about preparing for Summer and Your Skin!

Have a beauty filled day!

Until next month. . .

Skinsationally Yours,


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