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[Skinsational News]: With Visions of Spa Facials Repairing Your Skin
December 01, 2009

It's Your Skinsational News!

Welcome to your December edition of Skinsational topics that will keep your skin looking younger, healthier, and absolutely gorgeous!

How do you like our "facelift?" (*snicker* *snicker*)
The old newsletter format was looking a little tired and dull so I thought for the Holiday's I would give us all a special treat and give the Skinsational News a much needed Facelift! Hope you like it. . .

~ Wishing you and yours a very wonderful holiday season
full of magic and joy! ~

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December Issue At-A-Glance:

  • Feature Article- With Visions of Spa Facials Repairing Your Skin
  • Beauty Tip- Celebrity Skin Care Secrets
  • Skin Care Technique- Tap into Your Skin's Inner Resources
  • Your Top Secret Facial Treat of the Month- The Natural Exfoliating Facial Treatment Used by Celebrities!
  • Skin Care Product Review- The Ancient Art of Skin Needling
  • Skinsational Tip- Get Skin Care Stocking Stuffers ~ For Free!

With Visions of Spa Facials Repairing Your Skin

As a self-confessed spa gadget gal, I am completely enthralled with all the different skin rejuvenation devises available now-a-days. What is even more impressive is that there are so many DIY spa gadgets that really make a great contribution in speeding along the skin repair and healing process to reduce wrinkles, diminish age spots and firm sagging skin.

Now don't get me wrong, as much as I am a huge fan of a do-it-yourself approach to anti-aging skin care, I am also not one bit opposed to a luxurious professional spa pampering facial now and then. (Who isn't?)

But to be honest, it is just w-a-y too costly to pop into your local spa for a weekly hydrating facial, an occasional microdermabrasion and all the other delightful rejuvenating treatments available. So,I happily experiment with the wide assortment of DIY home spa facials. Many of which, I am pleased to report, give great results.

So with visions of rejuvenating spa facials that will give you great results dancing in your head, I've narrowed down my list of favorite home spa treatments so you can have a few pampering rejuvenating skin care treats to add to your holiday wish list!

If you might remember, last month's newsletter featured a review of what I fondly refer to as my little wrinkle iron. This one is my all time favorite spa devise. Why? Because it really works! I honestly continue to be impressed with the results of the galvanic facial after each treatment.

Even after the first treatment you can clearly see that deep wrinkles have softened. Over time the results are cumulative so the improvements in your skin just keep getting better and better: The Little Facial Wrinkle Iron.

The next "go to" spa devise in my anti-aging skin care regimen is microdermabrasion. There are several different types of devises available that range from the rotating hand-held brush to the more professional quality machines that actually mimic the "sandblasting" technique used in a professional spa. Yes, you guessed it. I have several different types of microderm gadgets. I have to test them all out you know. :-)

From my own experience, I have found that the more "professional" and high quality type of devise, the better the immediate results. However, even the hand held rotating brush models when used with a spa quality crystal scrub gives the skin a wonderful deep exfoliation treatment.

Skinsational Tip: It is widely reported that 3 to 5 home microdermabrasion treatments are the equivalent to one professional treatment.

My third most favorite home spa treatment is my facial steamer. Now, you can simply boil a pot of water over the stove or even in the microwave with a handful of fresh herbs and not spend a cent. But it is rather nice to sit and relax over a wonderful fragrant spa facial steamer with a temperature adjustment. I always infuse the steam water with whatever fresh herbs I have on hand along with just a teeny, tiny drizzle of an organic nut oil to get the rejuvenating benefits from the natural ingredients that I happen to have on hand.

I am also a huge fan of the home laser technology which continues to improve with each passing year. Without question, the Baby Quasar continues to be the most popular and highly regarded home laser devise in this category.

Of course, as I point out on the website, I think it is essential to have a high magnifying light-up mirror so you can see exactly what is going on with your skin in minuet detail. I could go on and on, but you can explore the variety of DIY spa devises to your hearts content.

Okay, I'll make myself stop now but don't miss this month's product review later in the newsletter. I've had my eyes on this devise which has been wildly popular in European countries for the past several years but hasn't quite captured the attention of the USA spa facial market as yet. Given time though, I expect that it will. . .

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

Have you ever been curious about how celebrities keep their skin so flawlessly beautiful?

I don't often pay much attention to the tabloids, Hollywood gossip or any of that other catty stuff but I did happen upon a very interesting and revealing video that reinforces the advantages of a good skin care regimen with a beauty skin care advisor to many of our most favorite celebrities.

Julie Chen talks to Kate Somerville in the "Red Carpet Confidential" series about her skin health philosophy and her best celebrity skin care tips.

The Three "P" Exfoliating Treatment of the Stars!

Combining the powerful fruit acids into a super exfoliating treatment found in the three "Skin Perfecting" fruits that Kate Somerville explained in the above mentioned video was fascinating to research.

You can make a version of this one yourself and save $175! (Isn't that an amazingly ridiculous price for a natural skin care scrub?)

I included all the research on the anti-aging properties of each of the three fruits in this recipe as well (which made it one of the most detailed natural skin care recipes I've ever written about!).

Tap into Your Skin's Inner Resources!

That's right! Tap away. . .

Gently tapping the surface of the face with your fingers tips stimulates circulation, helps the skin to absorb anti-aging products more efficiently as well as encourages the fluid that collects underneath the eye to disburse.

Using simple, proven facial rejuvenation strategies and techniques such as this helps to achieve better results with your anti-aging skin care regimen.

Skin Needling

East meets West!

Well, actually futuristic science marries the ancient Chinese art of skin needling to create a very simple and easy to use skin care device that effectively treats a variety of skin conditions.

Please note: Before you click on the link to learn more about this gadget, I do want to warn you that this particular spa skin care gadget resembles a mini-medieval torture device. . .(In my mind at least)!

However, don't be alarmed, it is approved by the FDA and is widely accepted in the medical field as an effective non-invasive rejuvenation procedure performed in medical cosmetology offices all over the world.

Although skin needling hasn't quite caught the attention of the American skin care beauty market yet, it is a huge hit as a DIY home spa facial rejuvenation treatment in European countries.

Get Skin Care Stocking Stuffers ~ For Free!

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Just about anyone loves to try new skin care products so collecting a big bunch of samples is just the ticket to make their facial holiday dreams come true!

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, The January Newsletter will feature the controversial topic: "Can You Really Exercise Your Wrinkles Away?" along with a fabulous DIY natural facial to start off the New Years off with a special glow!

Have a beauty filled day!

Until next month. . .

Skinsationally Yours,


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