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Why Exfoliate?
Promoting Skin Renewal

Why ExfoliateWhy does the skin benefit from exfoliation?

To remove all those dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin.

It's the dead skin cells that give aging skin the tendency to develop a dull lifeless appearance.

Exfoliation encourages new cell growth. . .


Once the old dead cells are scrubbed off the surface of the skin and washed away the skin is left with a lovely smooth glow.

Why exfoliate aging skin?

Older skin needs the opportunity to rejuvenate itself.

Exfoliation provides the stimulation and critical skin cell renewal which results in a younger, fresher look and actually encourages healthier skin.

Exfoliation is an essential component of any anti-aging skin care regime in order to promote cell renewal and younger, healthier skin.

The methods for exfoliating skin at home are actually quite quick and easy. There is the "mechanical" method which involves using a slightly abrasive scrub when cleansing your face.

There are literally thousands of exfoliating facial scrubs available; from slightly abrasive to the very abrasive microdermabrasion crystals which can feel like fine grit sandpaper.

Skin rejuvenation regimes will typically include a home microdermabrasion treatment at least once a week.

Aging skin really benefits from the stimulation of a dermabrasion to encourage cell renewal. Professional microdermabrasion treatments literally use a mini-sand blasting technique to remove the outmost layer of the skin!

Boy, does that give you a rosy glow!

There are also microdermabrasion face cloths which are imbedded with abrasive material which are very effective as well.

Then there is the "chemical" method of exfoliation which essentially means using a skin care product that includes a chemical exfoliate such as an alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxyl acid to remove the dead cells. (This process is akin to the chemical process for stripping old paint off a piece of furniture.)

Professional skin peels typically use a very high concentration of the chemical exfoliant which literally cause the outer layer of skin to peel off in sheets in a day or two exposing the healthy, pink skin underneath.

As effective as exfoliation can be to improving your overall complexion, don't go overboard and overdo it because you could actually do more damage than good.

Tip: More is definitely not better when incorporating exfoliation into your overall anti-aging skin care routine.

Depending on your skin type, the when and why exfoliate takes differing strategies.

Exfoliation a few times a week for sensitive skin is all that is usually recommended while an oily skin type will benefit from a gentle daily exfoliation.

It is also helpful to give your skin an occasional respite from exfoliation for a week or so every month, especially if any irritation begins to occur.

Exfoliation will soften the appearance
of wrinkles and stimulate
healthy cell renewal. . .

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