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Start Your Own Website
Getting Started
~ My Story ~

Do you want to learn how to start
your own website?


Start Your Own WebsiteBecause I can save you hours of agonizing research just by sharing my story of how I finally build this web site.

What a long, hard, grueling adventure it was trying to negotiate my way through the maze of "how to" web site building information out there. 


I quickly confirmed, yet again, that the age old adage, "The more you know, the more you know you don't know", was painfully true.

The very first thing you need is Site-Build-It.  It is an all inclusive website building program.  (That's how I built this site!)

As a self-confessed computer "e"lliterate I slowly learned that the best servers could be found in places other than in fine dining establishments, that java script wasn't a new coffee blend at Star Bucks, and that alt tags were not a tailor's shorthand for alterations needed for garments.

Many times my eyes would involuntarily roll-up in my head as I struggled to understand that HTML and CSS were in actuality computer languages.

For goodness sake, I struggle with plain old English sometimes and I was definitely a marginal student in foreign language class- now I have to learn several different computer languages to boot?

You've got to be kidding, right?

How To Build Your Own Website 1 My hands would get clammy, I'd begin to feel nauseous and a roaring headache would start to invade my senses.
Imagine a grown, intelligent woman reduced to tears of frustration! Can starting your own website really be this difficult I wondered?

No wonder why website owners are called Webmasters!

Then the guardian angel of website wannabes led me to this awesome step-by-step website building guide. (Actually, I think my finger slipped a bit and my mouse clicked on the wrong link and there it was. . . in ordinary English no less!)

The answer to my silent prayers! Drum roll please. . .
I discovered the "Action Guide"! A virtual hand holding, step-by-step website building instructional manual for starting your own website written especially for computer "e"lliterates just like me!

And best of all, it's FREE! Not to mention that I found a ton of other freebies at the same time ~ Take a peek at all these wonderful helpful resources: If you do nothing else, save yourself the emotional trauma of figuring out how to start your own website which (for starters) involves registering a domain name, choosing a website host, identifing a good server, building a home page, finding great keywords, uploading images, using a bit of HTML, and on and on. . .
  1. Read the Action Guide before you start your own website.
  2. Next, save the Action Guide.
  3. Finally, be sure to refer to the Action Guide as a reference resource for ever after!
(Yes, it is truly that valuable in providing guidance in building a successful website!) It is sure to become the guardian angel of your web site building experience too.

Drum roll ~ (again please) ~ and now without further ado. . .

Presenting Your "Action Guide"

Check it out. . .

Just like this Work-At-Home Mom you'll be so glad you did!


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