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The Anti Wrinkle Treatments that
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Who isn't interested in learning what the celebrity's skin care secrets are that work to enhance their skin beauty? Better yet, can the rest of us actually afford them?

It is surprising to learn is that many of the facial rejuvenation and anti wrinkle treatments that celebrities use are actually quite simple, affordable and readily available for anyone interested in rejuvenating their skin!

Just as the foundation of our philosophy at the Skin Care Resource Center begins with three what we refer to as the three simple skin care secrets. . .

Protect, Restore, and Nourish

Beauty expert and skin care advisor to celebrities, Kate Somerville, promotes a skin health pyramid that identifies the specific facial rejuvenation strategies necessary to incorporate into any skin care regimen to Protect, Restore and Nourish skin to ensure long lasting healthy skin and beauty.

Julie Chen talks to Kate Somerville in the "Red Carpet Confidential" series about her skin health philosophy and celebrity skin care tips:


Recent news reports reveal more Celebrity Skin Care Secrets:

  • Jennifer Lopez's secret weapon for glowing skin and anti wrinkle treatments is all natural organic honey as well as reportedly uses just a bit of moistened sugar on her toothbrush to scrub her lips into beautiful and glamorous fullness.

  • Halle Berry uses fruit acid based cleansing solutions to exfoliate; advocates for cleansing and moisturizing at least twice a day to ensure skin health.

  • Jennifer Aniston swears by the ice pack method to keep her complexion refreshed as well as to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles.

  • Eva Longoria Parker keeps her skin young and fresh looking with the placenta face mask.

  • Kate Hudson is a strong advocate of all around good skin care. She sprays her skin with thermal water prior to applying her sun protection, correction foundation and powder.

  • Anne Hathaway's skin care secret is a home microdermabrasion system to keep her skin smooth and her skin tone even.

  • Cameron Diaz exfoliates regularly using the Clarisonic Skin Care System.

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Other secret weapons and skin care secrets of celebrities reportedly include these favorite facial rejuvenation treatments:

Don't you just love that you can easily duplicate the skin
care routines of your favorite celebrities?

It's well worth investing a few moments to research the best anti-aging treatments that are clinically proven to effectively treat aging skin concerns before you get taken in by unscrupulous companies that pretend they have a celebrity endorsement when they pitch their "miraculous face-lift" in a jar.

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