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Nu Skin Galvanic Treatment Review

by Maggie

My Nu Skin Galvanic Treatment Review

My Nu Skin Galvanic Treatment Review

Hi Sue,

After your newsletter where you included the Nu Skin Galvanic Treatment Review which you called your little wrinkle iron I was curious and did some research on my own.

I've paid for a series of professional spa galvanic treatments at an average of $125 each because I struggle with both acne and rosacea.

The older I get, the worse my skin became. The spa treatments really helped so when I read about the DIY Nu Skin Facial devise I thought it might be a good investment for keeping acne outbreaks along with all the other issues my skin has developed since I started peri-menopause.

I have to THANK YOU!

It does work! (And at quite a savings over the professional treatments I have had in the past.)

Although I didn't get those miraculous results in seven days, I did see gradual improvement over the first month. After four months my skin stays clearer, looks much plumper and is as soft as can be. It just looks so much healthier!

I took your advice and bought the Nu Skin Galvanic tool you recommended in option #2 to get a discount:

The biggest drawback that I can report is the price of the treatment gels that need to be used with the Nu Skin devise. I personally think $25 for a monthly supply is a bit steep. However, I have discovered that I by using only half of the solution with each treatment (which is plenty), that they last twice as long.

I recently started using the new Nu Skin Line Corrector cream along with the facial devise. I'm happy to say that I can highly recommend that particular treatment as well!
(It's in the shop of your recommended Nu Face products I found here.)

Sue, I love the newsletter and your website. Keep the information coming. I have learned so much! I hope your readers find my Nu Skin Galvanic Treatment Review helpful.


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How to Get NuSkin Products at Wholesale Prices
by: poli

Hey all,

To get a discount on Nu skin products just become a Nu Skin distributor, and you can purchase all the Nu Skin products at wholesale, saving 30%.

Go to Nuskin's Website. Choose the "Getting Started" link and complete the information for an Individual Account. Or go to the NuSkin website directly, click "sign up" then "individual" and in the sponsor distributor Id use the ID #USW9453870 - Fill in the form and you will save up to 30% on all the products.

Usually there's a $25 fee to become a distributor , but if you make a purchase it's free - Nuskin.com

Enjoy and have a young life,

Ofek :)

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