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Nu Skin Distributor Questions

by Sandy

Who can be a Nu Skin Distributor and how much can I expect to make if I sell the NuSkin Galvanic Spa along with their skin rejuvenation product line?

I want to try and build a little side business for myself and just love anything related to beauty, skin care, and spa. I've done quite a bit of research and have discovered that the NuSkin Enterprises is a top rated company and highly regarded.

What sort of qualifications do I need in order to become a Nu Skin distributor?

I also see that you sell the Nuskin galvanic spa on this website. Are you a Nu Skin distributor? Would I have to have a website like yours?

I am also curious to know, (if you don’t mind me asking), how much I could reasonably expect to earn as a Nuskin distributor.

I appreciate any guidance or advice that you would be willing to share with me.

Many Thanks,


Hi Sandy,

I love your entrepreneurial spirit! I happen to share that trait with you. You never know unless you try is one of my favorite mottos. What's the worse that can happen?

If you fail, simply haul up those big girl panties, get up and try again. . .

I highly recommend the Nuskin Company and think it sounds like a perfect fit for your interests. They have consistently been rated very highly by Forbes, the BBB and many other firms in the Wall Street sector.

I became a Nu Skin distributor because after using some of their products I have been consistently pleased with the results, the quality of the anti-aging treatments, and am a full-fledged fan of the galvanic spa. (It's my absolute all-time favorite home spa treatment.)

You don't need any special qualifications to become a distributor of NuSkin products other than interest and motivation.

You also don't need a website. All you
really need to do to start selling NuSkin is to tell your family, friends, neighbor's, colleagues, (etc.) about the product lines, or organize some home spa parties and/or arrange to give demo's to area beauty shops and spas.

I did purchase a website through NuSkin which you can customize however you want. This is mine:
Nu Skin Distributor Website

I think it is a great marketing strategy to put the website on my business cards in case people wanted to learn more about the NuSkin products before making a purchase.

I would highly recommend that you purchase some of the products yourself and use them for awhile before becoming a distributor so that you will be able to talk about them from personal experience.

That makes a HUGE difference because you will know exactly how to answer questions and how to best describe the different treatments.

NuSkin Enterprises is similar to companies like Avon, May Kay and the Pampered Chef's sales program who use the multi-level marketing (referred to as MLM) structure to allow distributors to earn as much as possible; you will have many opportunities to generate a nice income from your business.

Of course, as with any business, the amount to earn directly correlates to the amount of time, effort and planning that you put into it. The commission structure is very generous so if you are a "go getter" you'll build up your client base rather quickly. (Once people see how well the galvanic spa- in particular- works in demo's, it really does sell itself!)

Hope that helps!

Sandy, please feel free to send me an email using my contact form and I’m happy to assist you in anyway that I can.

Here is more information about the Nu Skin Distributor program:
Nu Skin Distributor Program - Questions and Answers
(Click the "Discover the Advantage" link)

Best of luck and make a gazillion!


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