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Natural Facial Mask Recipe
Pawpaw Vitamin Rich Facial Mask

Natural Facial Mask Recipe 1Justine shares her facial mask recipe made with an unusual ingredient, the vitamin rich pawpaw!

Favored by the American Indians, the Pawpaw is a tree born fruit that is native to the southeastern region of the United States.

Surrounded by pawpaw trees and a natural skin care fan, Justine conducted her own research and is happy to share her rejuvenating skin care recipe.

Thank you for sharing Justine!

Pawpaws are full of vitamin C, essential amino acids, copper, iron, and potassium to name a few of its better known attributes.

Unfortunately the pawpaw doesn't keep or ship well.  It is usually used within a few days of picking. 

Justine hopes that when you visit the south that you will give the pawpaw a try.  Maybe some day they will become more widely available then they are now.

~ Pawpaw Vitamin Rich Facial Mask ~

Natural Facial Mask Recipe 2
  • Mash 1 very ripe pawpaw
  • Mix with one packet of unflavored gelatin
  • Mix in one egg lightly whipped
  • Blend until smooth
  • Apply and leave on until it is almost dry then rinse completely with warm water

The Pawpaw, although not widely known outside of its particular growing area, is even known to diminish acne!

This particular fruit is excellent as an ingredient in many natural skin care recipes, particularly for those with normal to oily skin.

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