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Natural Beauty Recipes
Got Goats Milk?
(I do now!)

natural beauty recipesNatural Beauty Recipes that soften and revitalize the skin include this all time family favorite facial recipe using goats milk shared with us by Maria.

As Maria describes so eloquently. . .
"DIY goat milk recipes for your skin accomplish so much more than cow's milk ever could hope to do!"

As Maria wholeheartedly advises. . . .

The next time that you are planning to make a milk-based skin care treatment, don't think, "Got milk?" think "Goats Milk!"

Goat's milk is so much better for you.

Milk, in general, is a wonderful substance for all sorts of natural beauty recipes.

Fresh milk has moisturizing and restorative properties, and fermented milk products have the benefit of lactic acid that can remove old skin cells and reveal newer, younger looking skin.

Not all milk is the same, though, and when it comes to making your own facial recipes and natural skin care treatments.

Goats milk has several unique properties that give it the edge over cow's milk.

First, goat milk has better moisturizing abilities due to the nature of its fat and protein structures.

If you've ever smelled goat milk that was old or improperly processed, you know it has a very distinctive odor. (Properly processed goat milk does not smell any different from cow's milk, by the way.)

The unique odor comes from the significantly larger amounts of three medium-chain fatty acids, known as capric, caprylic and caproic acid. Because goat milk has a much larger number of these smaller fat molecules, it is more readily absorbed by the skin.

Goats milk protein structures are also shorter than those of cow's milk. The increased accessibility of the fat and protein from goat milk helps leave skin smooth and supple.

Finally goat milk is rich in vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant and is important to maintaining skin health. Goat milk provides up to 47% more vitamin A than cow's milk.

Furthermore, goat milk contains vitamin A in its final form--ready to use--while cow's milk contains the precursor form, beta-carotene, which our bodies must then convert to vitamin A.

Ready to try a few wonderful natural beauty recipes using goat milk?

Let's start with my favorite goat milk recipes for rejuvenating and promoting skin health. These natural beauty recipes are super-easy, and I guarantee you'll love the results!

~ Goats Milk Kefir Facial Mask
and Whey Toner ~

(This particular goat milk recipe is a 2 for 1!  You make it once and get two separate natural beauty recipes jammed-packed with skin rejuvenating properties that will last you weeks.)

Here's a little background first:
Now you are ready to start your first natural beauty recipes using goat milk. . .

  • Add the grains to fresh whole goat milk in a glass jar, using about 1/2 cup kefir grains to 4 cups of milk.

  • Let the kefir set at room temperature until the whey (clear, straw-colored liquid) begins to separate.

  • Depending on the temperature, this could take 1-3 days.

  • Shake the jar gently once or twice a day.

  • Strain the kefir through a plastic or stainless steel strainer to remove the kefir grains--which you'll save to start your next batch.

  • Next, place a cheesecloth or cotton handkerchief in the strainer or a colander and set over a pot or bowl.

  • Pour the liquid kefir into the cloth, cover, and let drain overnight or for about 12-24 hours or more at room temperature.

Hope You Like It!

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