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Moisturizing Treatments
A Critical Component of any Good
Skin Care Regimen

Moisturizing Treatments"Moisturize" by definition literally means to add moisture.

Maintaining well moisturized facial skin is the cornerstone of any anti-aging skin rejuvenation regimen.

As we age, the skin has a tendency to become drier, gradually losing its ability to maintain moisture.

Moisturizing treatments for your skin is an absolute MUST!

Skin that is kept well moisturized has a healthy glow, and remains soft and supple as opposed to the characteristics of dried out skin.

Just think of it this way. . .

A grape is smooth and plump with nice, taut skin but. . .

If a grape or actually anything else is deprived of moisture it will dry out and shrivel up into an extremely wrinkled and dried out husk.  YUK!

Not a very pretty image but true. Are you reaching for your moisturizer yet?

Keeping the skin well hydrated actually slows the signs of aging because the skin cells are healthier which in turn enables them to protect and heal the skin from a variety of detrimental environmental effects.

The most obvious strategy in maintaining hydrated skin starts from the inside out.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day helps the skin preserve a necessary moisture balance.

Keeping yourself well hydrated ensures nice plump skin cells which protect the skin against excessive moisture loss which in turn gives skin cells the best defense against drying out.

Tip: Did you know that a humidifier can also be very helpful as an added method to replace moisture to the skin?

Younger skin is much more resilient and typically needs less aid in retaining moisture and nourishment than older skin. Although, all skin types benefit from a regular moisturizing treatment in order to seal in moisture as well as to condition and provide nutrients to the skin.

As with any skin care treatments, moisturizers are the most effective when applied to warm, damp skin.

To maximize the absorption of the moisturizer, stimulate the skin cells by lightly tap the skin's surface after applying in an upwards, sweeping circular motion.

Aging skin, especially dry skin, benefits from anti-aging moisturizing treatments that are applied in intervals throughout the day.

Remember, if you spend any time in the sun, be sure the moisturizing treatments you select contain an adequate sunscreen ingredient to protect your skin from damage.

Keeping your skin well nourished, protected
and moisturized provides the best defense against the signs of aging!

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