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Middle Aged Beauties
A Face Analysis of Ageless Beauty
What Makes a Beautiful Face?

What makes young, old and middle aged beauties beautiful? Is there a secret?
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For starters, to understand ageless beauty, science looks to face analysis to help pinpoint the facial characteristics of facial symmetry of antiaging beauty.

In other words. . .

What Makes a Beautiful Face?

Middle Age Beauties
From movies to magazines, the media has long portrayed an unattainable standard of beauty in our western culture. On nearly every billboard or television commercial, we see a young face with full lips, round eyes, a small nose, and smooth skin.

But those against this kind of manufactured beauty often angrily ask, "Who has the right to define what is beautiful?" The answer is quite simple, actually. Studies have shown that nature does.

Although we'd like to believe that beauty is on the inside, we can't help but think of outward appearances at the mention that someone is beautiful.

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